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Our Home our Haven

Friday, May 28, 2010

Its Raining its Pouring..no time for Snoring!!!

On such a wet day the only thing to do is cook up a storm. I love days like this as I can do one of my favourite things,cook.Although we did plan a day getting our new garden beds ready,thee will be plenty of time to do that,best be known we are very tired and we like to cook together,even george helps!!! as you will see.
First job was to put Rhonda's Pea and Ham on the stove,now 2 hours later it smells devine.Thankyou Rhonda(Down---To---Earth).

Next a double lot of my favourite Choko Pickle recipe,it really is as easy as 123.
                                   Choko Pickles:
4lb Chokos
1lb onions
4 cups brown vinegar
4 cups sugar
1 tablespoon Curry Powder
1 tablespoon Mustard powder
1 small cup plain flour
1 tablespoon Tumeric powder
This is a bargain our new favourite toy we got at the op shop for $5 had bnever been out of the box and uses no power except man power brilliant for the onions!

Chop your onions and chokos to your desired size if you like chunky do chunky if fine do fine.Add them to your pot with vinegar, sugar, mustard ,salt and curry powder. Mix it all thoroughly.

Boil together until choko pieces are soft .
Mix your cup of flour and tablespoon of tumeric together using some extra vinegar, make it to a paste,I add a  water as well to make a nice runny mix, take the pot off the stove and stir in slowly,I stir wirth one hand and gently pour in the mix with the other this way you never get lumps, place back on the heat for just 5 mns or so and then bottle.( I steralise the bottles as it is cooking ,I do them in the oven.
This  is a lovely easy recipe and you will get 8 to 10 bottles from a batch.Yumm yumm

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