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Our Home our Haven

Monday, May 24, 2010

There is nothing like homemade.

Today I decide to make homemade Worcester Sauce after finding lovely plums at Newcastle Markets on Sunday.

Ingredients needed.
4lbs plums
3lb white sugar
2lb brown sugar
850gms Treacle( the amount in the regular jar)
7quarts vinegar(2ltres white and 2litres brown)
2 heaped tablespoons salt
2tablespoons minced garlic
1tablespoon white pepper
1tablespoon allspice
2teaspoons powdered cloves
1 dessertspoon cayene pepper
1 tablespoon ground ginger

Seed the plums and add all ingredients in a large boiler ,boil together until soft and cooked about 1 hour.Take from the heat and blend all together( I use my whizzer stick) ,place back on heat and boil for another hour.As it is cooking remove scum that gathers on the top.
Have your sterilized bottles ready.
This receipe makes about 20/23 bottles.
This is my Mum Joyce 89 and helping me wash the bottles ready for sterilzing.

Remember to remove the scum as you go.

A funnel makes it easier to bottle,lots of soft drink bottles have screw tops and they are the perfect size and other sauce bottles of course.Ask friends to save them for you.

The end product, this time I got 20 bottles of  sauce,not only yummy on your food great for added flavour for gravies, sauces and soups.
Making pickles and sauce is very relaxing and so worth the effort,once you make this you will never wat to buy it again.


  1. That worcestershire sauce looks good and i bet it taste yummy too. I haven't been to the newcastle markets for a good while now...must go again next time.

  2. Great recipe! I will have to try it,thankyou.
    And thankyou also for visiting my blog :0)
    Im looking forward to catching up on the rest of your posts.

  3. Looks great Carole,
    Your photos look great also.
    I will have to try this receipe.
    God bless!

  4. Hi Carole. Thanks for the Worcester Sauce recipe - looks good. I quite like making jams and pickles too. We had loads of rhubarb in the garden so have made some rhubarb & ginger jam. We won't get our plums here for a little while yet - still in blossom at the moment.