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Our Home our Haven

Friday, May 28, 2010

Strike while the oven is Hot ( with Georgies help)!

George is part of our everyday life so whatever we are doing georgie has his nose in it!

As the oven was already hot from the bottles I had sterilised for the pickles, I decided to do a batch of our family favourite sausage rolls,I have made these ever since our children were little and you can vary the recipe by having different flavours eg: curry or chilli.We mainly just love them as is.

Sausage rolls.
1kg sausage mince
2 onions chopped finely
2pkt french onion soup mix(homebrand)these are optional but add a lovely flavour.
2 slices of bread soaked in milk
10 sheets puff pasty laid out on bench to defrost while you mix:
Have oven on at about 180 (my oven is a very hot one so it is plenty for mine).grease oven trays (I use spray) .
Put sausage mince in a lge bowl,add french onion soup mix, chopped onions,eggs and squeeze milk from bread and add it too( the bread saoked in milk takes up any fats in your mix).Mix all together.

Place a line of mixture along one edge of your pastry,and as firmly as you can roll it up.

with a fork, press down each end and go along the join and press,this will stop spillage and splitting( I think, I always do it lol) then cut your roll into pieces of required size I generally cut 5 from each piece,like a good sized party sausage roll.You could make them larger if you wanted.
Place them on a tray and in your oven for about 10 mins they do not take long and,enjoy.

If you cut them into the smaller size you will get about 50 rolls,I freeze them in packs of 4,they are a great size for the grandchildren and also for Mum.

Also while I was doing this I thre a slice tgether a friend told me about the other day,problem is it is yummy and hard to leave alson.
Very quick and very  easy,you will need;

1 Whitewings buttercake cake mix
1 cup chopped dates
1 tin condensed milk 125 gms melted butter.

mix the cake mix and butter together and press into a slice tray.cook 15 mins.

 remove the slice from the oven and place chopped dates onto top

then gently pour the whole tin of condensed milk over the dates and place back in the oven for 15 mins.

when you remove it at the finish the condensed milk will be like a stcky caramel and just lovely.Forgot to take a pic of the finished product!.
So after a day of rain ,rain and more rain,we have heaps of pickles 16 jars, soup for dinner tonight and 6 containers for the freezer and one for my brother,54 sausage rolls  in the freezer less the one that Georgie pinched ,a slice to give my helpers tomorrow when we wrap more gifts for the elderly next week and do their showbags.
The house smells lovely,the fire is so warm and we feel so blessed to have a full cupbard. The pickles I will share with friends and family and the Worcter Sauce I made the other day also shared.We are thinking of getting a bradmaker, but I am worried Bob will fall in love with it and we will get even fatter!!! We are reading everyones blogs to see how much they use theirs,Ido not want it to be a fad item.Each day we are using up things in our cupbaord so we can use less bought addatives and more back to basics( hence why we had french onion soup in the pantry)I had to go buy the cakemix as the slice was so yummy and it does not hurt now and then to stray.So I look forward to using everyone recipes and hope you can make use of some of our family favourites.Have a lovely day.


  1. Hello there, I have just found your blog via Simply Me.

    Those recipes sound nice, I am always on the hunt for something new to cook and the slice with cake mix, dates and condensed milk sounds very yummy, so I think I will try this.

    You have inspired me to make some sausage rolls too. I usually make vegie pasties that my family like, but sausage rolls would be nice for a change.

    I am going to become a follower of your blog and will now finish having a look at your other posts.


  2. I love the look of that slice and we definitely make it and now I want sausage rolls for lunch today.
    A bread maker is a great investment and you will use it heaps. I make bread, bread rolls, scrolls, pizza dough and mine also makes jam and it is good cause you only need 500g of fruit...i throw in anything that is getting a bit sad in the fruit bowl.
    i make jam in a pot normally but for small amounts it is just great.
    have a nice Sunday

  3. Hi Carole,

    Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog today. I am always trilled when new visitors stop by.

    I am enjoying your blog AND I'm adding you to my "sites of interest" section in my sidebar.

    I will certainly give some of your delicious looking recipes a try in the near future.


  4. Hi Carole, You have been busy! I have a bread maker that I have had for years. I have just started using the dough setting only as I like to be able to shape the dough and bake it in the oven. If you bake it in the breadmaker you end up with a hole where the blade goes. Any questions you have just ask me. Blessings to you,
    ps I would like to try your sauce!! Hint Hint. LOL!!

  5. hello Carole, I thought I would come over from England and visit with you! My husband is the cook in our house, so I will be asking him to make the date cake. We have a bread maker and you are right, the fresh bread is irresistable!
    I wanted to let you know I followed your suggestion about using basting spray (with extra pins) and I was delighted with it. I used it for the blue quilt which I am hand quilting right now, so thankyou for your tip.
    Best wishes Kath