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Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

                                                                 Bits and Bobs

I have not been able to get a chance to read or blog much,work and worry taking over lately,after a week of broken sleep waiting  for Michaels results it was a huge stress so for all those lovelies out there in the same position our hearts go out to you,we went through this with Bobs sister and her results as you know were not good but she is on track,chemo all done, radiation all done and now hormone therapy for 2 years and she is Ok at this point.
Michaels results thankfully took out Pancreatic Cancer as that was what his doctor was quite certain he had,praise God, however,they have to find what the problem is as his body is a bit of a mess poor kid,he is 38 but always,always our little boy in our hearts,so another anxious week of special diet,fasting and then more blood tests Friday and more waiting...I had the weekend with his family and that gave us the chance for many hugs and moments,he knows he is loved,that will carry him through and prayer,he is a good Godly man.

Now a little bit of light stuff,you all know I can't sit still, I have been so busy delivering parcels that when I get home I am still on the run lol..I saw these little decoration things at a benefit that my daughter in law went to and  decided to make some and use as table decoration for two lunches we are having one at Cacle Club and the other the treasures Christmas lunch we have here...I made these in the evening while watching TV...

So what you need is a packet of wooden skewers
Roll of florist tape
roll sticky tape
4 different wrapping papers,in reds,greens ,gold,silver whatever you like not too stiff and nice and bright also red and green tissue paper, I got this because my papers were not as bright as I would have liked.
1 bag of chuppa cups(I got the mini ones from the bargain sop but the normal is fine)($2 bag)
1 bag of chocolates(also from bargain shop)that are individually wrapped.($2 bag)
I pretty square box
I piece florists green sponge(at bargain shop $2 it makes 2 boxes)

 You will see a packet of garden ties in this pic,it does not work as ot does not stretch,so take no notice of it lol.
 On the flat end of the skewer sticky tape the chocolate or chuppa cup to the skewer firmly,cut a piece of wrapping paper of choice about 4x6 inches and wrap it around the sweet,at the base put a piece of sticky tape to hold it in place then with the florist tape stretching gently as you go ,wind over the sticky tape down t about 4 inches from the bottom,with the tissue paper you need about 4 layers as it tears otherwise.
Cut your green florist sponge to fit the box of choice and place the tulips you have made into it, I then put candy canes around the edge and some tinsel.I am going to add a star or something onto a skewer and put in them when I can get to town.

The finished product,now some of the papers I had were too stiff and that's why I used some in tissue but I think they look ok I am no flower arranger but I am sure you clever ones out there could make these look fantastic,they were very cheap as there are 15 chuppa cups and chocs in each bag so it is not expensive for a different table piece.The original one I saw was all hot pink as it was for a child benefit,the little girl very ill and they were raising money for her and they had balloons in them too.Have fun.


  1. So sorry to read that you are having a tough time...i really hope Michael gets some help very soon ans is feeling much better as soon as he can be...xxx

  2. Oh, my thoughts and prayers are with Michael and you all.

    God bless.

    Sft x

  3. thoughts and prayers are with you all Carole for Micheal,and what a fantastic idea with those decorations,you are so clever,the girls at the cackle club will love them.

  4. Hi Carole
    Thinking of you lots over here. I hope you all get some answers this week, I pray it is all good. It must be horrible not knowing for you all.
    Love the table decorations
    Take care & thinking of you lots x x

  5. what a massive relief for you that Michael does not have pancreatic cancer. I glimmer of hope at a worrying time.
    I understand how exhausting the worry is and I hope you will find time to rest properly at your busiest time of year. HUGS.

  6. I have just caught up on your news, my thoughts and prayers are with you xxx

  7. So sorry to learn about your son's health worries, but glad to learn that pancreatic cancer has been ruled out. It must be a very stressful time for you all, I hope a diagnosis is forthcoming soon so he can start getting well.

    The lolly flowers are a great idea

  8. Fingers crossed still Carole and cute little table decs :o)