Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

                                                                A few Happy Shots

Well not long till the man in red visits and as a postie I will be so pleased it has come and gone,but as a believer my main blessing is that it is really all about the birth of Jesus,our grandchildren will have a birthday cake for him as well as the "normal" Christmas things,it is important to remember the "reason for the season".

On my mail delivery this week I had she is a dog but the dogs ran faster a lovely welcome by a little lady named Leila,she is at a farm house and runs with the dogs,thinks she is a dog and it was hilarious as she ran to greet me..the joys of my work...

 Running to greet the postie...
 Another country mailbox...this one is fantastic.....
 I found some things...toadstools probably..but I rarely see them so I took a couple of pics....
 A closer look......
Bob took a pic of our house last night ,it did not come out too well but anyway here it is all lit up for Christmas.
We have our Santa bags ready to do the lolly run on Christmas Eve,some little toys for the children that cannot eat sweets,we do it every year on our big bike but as we are going to sell it this could be the last time...
Have a wonderful Christmas if I do not get time to blog again,at the moment the house is slowly filling up with people,we have Bobs Mum here and his sister Janet and it is nice to have others in  the home,all the children will arrive Christmas Eve day and then there will be 14 for two full days and nights.Our walls will stretch lol lots of fun and games ahead I imagine...
Blessing from our home to yours.xx


  1. that little pig is adorable. what an interesting time you have during your line of duty Carole.
    Your house looks very pretty all lit up.

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas with all your family and friends.
    Love from Mum



    Sft x

  4. Lots of good wishes from here in England.
    Have a nice Christmas.
    Hugs from Bernard (and Wesley). xx

  5. Lovely post as always Carole,merry xmas to you and your love ones and a safe and happy new year.xxxxxx

  6. Of course your walls will expand; it's you they come to see. Now get plucking that turkey!

  7. Hi Have a lovely christmas . Sounds like you are going to have a very full house.
    Your home looks lovely all lit up & welcoming.
    leila looks very cute , the story reminds me of Babe!. How sweet she runs to greet you.
    You & your family have a lovely christmas holiday.
    I will think of you on christmas day. Thank you for all your kind words. I wish you lived down the road as I would invite you round for mince pies x x x

  8. I hope Leila got some Christmas cards too :0)
    Merry Christmas Carole to you and all your family too xxx

  9. Hi hope you are having a woderfull time with all your family. I expect you need lots of chairs! Thinking of you x x

  10. I hope you had a wonderful christmas with all your family. Your house looks amazing and so inviting.
    Ann x

  11. Hi many thanks for your kindness & visiting me. Yes today went pear shaped. Sometimes my family life feels like an uphill struggle.
    I hope you are not too tired out after your christmas, sounds like a full house. Must be lovely having your mum & all your family together in one place at christmas time.xx take care

  12. Hi
    Wishing you & all your family a great year. Thanks for your sweetness & kindness. One day perhaps when you come to the uk I can give you & hubby afternoon tea (cream tea of course! scones & jam )
    x x Thanks again

  13. Hi Hope you are having a restful Sunday. Yes I think that is sound advice about the joint account. I think hubby is secretly ok with moving into his account!. Not sure he would say it aloud. I will try & do my best. I think I will squirrel away any ebay earnings for later on for a wee surprise!.
    I hope everything is ok with your sons health. I think it is such a lovely thing that your mum lives with you. I expect you would be worrying about her if she was not under your roof. Even though we worry anyway! .
    My mum is coming to stay the night on Tuesday night . Hubby has to go to London for a day on Tuesday for a works meeting. Mum & I are going to a craft club on wednesday. I try & get my mum to join up to things!.Mum lives about 20 miles away not to far.
    Are you managing to take a step down from your other activities as I know you wanted to wind down from them?.
    I love the picture of your house it is such a nice style.
    Have a great week x x