Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, January 9, 2012

                                                   Remember When?
I have not blogged for a little while as I promised myself no more sad blogs so thought it best to stay absent and just been following and commenting when ever I could.
Thank you to the lovely lady that left me a message...many things have happened...although othing major.
So no winging just a small list of happenings:
Have had from 5 to 14 people staying since early December..back to 3 now so feeling more normal,although I would not change a thing.
Christmas was wonderful with both Mums and Bobs sister as well as all the family,everyone got on so well and a lovely time was had ,a misunderstanding after the event caused a heavy heart,words taken the wrong way caused an upheaval,my darling girl had a hard time, hearts were heavy,broken bridges mended and all ok again now but it was a tough couple of days, lessons learned all round.
I have had a hacking cough for about 8 weeks and finally went to the doctor today,tested for Whooping Cough but feel I am safe,now have a puffer and meds and maybe will get the first nights sleep for ages if I am lucky.
Mum had a fall on Saturday when we were away taking Bobs Mum and sister to the train over an hour away,she is fine..what a worry! just a few cuts and abrasions.Going to tie her to a chair next time we go anywhere.
Bob and I had planned to step back and slow down,guess what ...Val beat us,is stepping down so now we need to step up GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! lol not to worry it will be fine.
No need to leave any comments it is all just a lot of twaddle just the reasons why I have been missing in action...
On the upside..my sealed pot is getting heavier all the time.
We have done a lot of work in the garden and down sized the garden beds to more manageable  areas.
We have frogs in our pond and eggs ,we are so excited,hope the fish don;t eat the tadpoles.
Our vegie patch has been wonderful all season,tomatoes and cucumbers to die for.
The best news of all is my brother is coming at Easter to look after um so we can have a little break,so we will go back to where we went last time and if it rains it does not matter but we hope to catch lots of fish.
I hope to be back soon with something interesting to say...have a great day.


  1. So glad things sorted out with the girls,lessons will be learnt and sometimes it is the hard way,its sad that it affected you so much Carole,hope you get a good nights sleep.
    Yours place sounds like a little slice of heaven,fresh vegs,frogs and fish,so nice.
    Glad your mum is mending and nothing broken.
    Its good to see you back on line Carole.xx

  2. Didnt have to comment but wanted to say Hi and its good that all is well xxx

  3. Good to see you in blogland again. Life will go on always. For me this year I've decided to grab those wonderful moments in between all the "interesting" stretches. Sometimes a boring life sounds really, really good :0)

    Continue going with the flow - it's probably what everyone else is doing, lol.

  4. Lovely to read your highs and lows. So glad you may be having a little break.

  5. How nice that you will be able to get away at Easter! take care xx

  6. Welcome back - certainly not twaddle - just living. I enjoy reading all your posts.
    Love from Mum

  7. Glad to hear from you Carole, sounds like you need your well deserved break.

  8. Carole, I know you said 'No comments' but here we are. Life is ..... well Life. Easter is getting nearer every day so when it does .. have a lovely break and catch lots of fish xx

  9. Happy New Year Calole and yes Easter is almost upon us as Molly said, I haven't been into a large supermarket but I bet the Easter Eggs will be on display soon if not already !!! I hope your Mum got over her fall poor little pixie (my Mums pet name)she is very much like my Mum :o) and Mum is very afraid of falling also.
    Dont let life drag you down lovely lady I hope you get some "YOU" time.

  10. Glad things got sorted out and mended. I feel things deeply too, often too deeply.

    And of course that your lovely Mum is ok.

    Great news that your brother is visiting and you are off for your break.

    Big Hugs

    Sft x