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Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

                                                Funny that...who would have thought?

I have noticed that many bloggers are trying to loose weight after the Christmas cheer and goodies.
This year I barely got the first course of any meal down let alone seconds lol so I actually lost some.

However prior to that I was starting to feel the belt getting a little tighter and would comment many times to Bob..his answer was always a very male.."well do something about it"..bugga why do they always say the obvious!

We did do something about it about 18 months ago, we bought one of those machines on the telly that swing your hips as you do a stepping motion, it was great I tried it ONCE!...yes just once thought this is going to be so good but just kept walking past it and looking each morning, then we all tripped over it,then we decided the great place to put it was on the back verandah,we would use it all the time there.
Then the spiders moved in and made it their home, Bob would water all the plants,stub his toe on it and swear,"are you going to use this bloody thing"..."O'h yes I will start tomorrow".
Tomorrow came and the great thing about tomorrows is there is always another one,one tomorrow I walked out the door to find it gone...it lives very happily in the wood shed.
I got to thinking as I saw the add on TV again what a great machine they are ..and that you have to actually use it to loose it,who would have thought!
So who would have thought that these wonderful machines actually have to be used to get you fit,I knew when we bought it what would happen,I just knew that using it was all in my head..so what now,does it go to exercise equipment heaven,to the op shop where I collect them on a weekly basis almost,never a scratch on them,or do I do the right thing...do I realise that it cost money and that I wasted what could have been spent on something else,get it out of the wood shed and get on it...we will see...I will think about that tomorrow!


  1. Hello!
    Thank you for such a lovely comment, I'm thrilled to get the job.....means a lot to me.
    I've had a bad few years so this is a good thing....


  2. Good idea - give it a good thinking about tomorrow. Got to have a little bit of brain activity for this fitness regime!
    Love from Mum

  3. That's a hard one. I'd give it another month and if you haven't used it pass it on...

    Sft x

  4. Haha! My sister was caught out with one of those too. She used it for months ....half an hour every day. It didn't do a thing! It now lives under her bed ...permenatly!

    Oops...sorry ...popped over from SFTs blog to say hello. Maa

  5. I think if it goes to exercising equipment heaven it will find lots of buddies there xxx

  6. Someone gave us a machine just like that- we are just at the tripping over it stage LOL

  7. oh gee Carole what a deliema,good luck.xx

  8. Hi I hope you have been to the wood shed!!. maybe if you put a favourite song on while you use it! I know we used to have an exercise bike & I ended up hanging clothes of it all the time!
    Thanks for the great tip about 10 almonds. I bought some yesterday when I went to the supermarket. Thats great you did not put any on over christmas. I am trying to eat really healthy at the moment. If anything for my low mood. I still keep on having crying spells. Each day as it comes.
    I may even take up 5 mins of jogging eventually!
    Take care & have a lovely day x x

  9. I think we all know what we 'should' do!