Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, January 14, 2012

                                             A whole lot of changes goin' on.......

First of all Happy 9th Birthday to our MR Eden who told us the other day he is so tired of being 8!!!! I must remind him of this when he is groaning at 30 lol.

Sadly because of a leaking ceiling etc we made the decision to remove the wood heater causing all the problems, I know we will miss it dreadfully and it will take time to get used to the change,we have other heating but will eventually put gas in, I am not sure about elsewhere but getting wood is almost impossible and buying it so expensive,so we are winding down ready for retirement in a couple of years..

Sadly now it is gone but it opened the room up so much..we will miss her.

This lead to the rearranging of furniture and the other decision to buy another desk as ours was actually a small hall table and had little knobs that the boss kept hitting his knees on and not so nice words lol so we saw this beauty and had to have her, she is mahogany and was on sale very reasonable so I had to rob my stash of savings,I will get it put back as someone straight away bought the wood fire(must have smelt us removing it) and a birthday coming up so I will get some money for that and put it back .I have not put bits in all the little places yet as Lilly is coming to stay and I thought she would enjoy that and when Livvy comes soon she can do the other side.

This desk even has secret drawers,what fun ahead...

The other thing I did was to try out the dehydrator that we got for nothing...and it was great,we did tomatoes,mushrooms and onions,we put the tomatoes in a good oil and the mushroom left to be rehydrated in winter, we are going to do garlic next  for garlic flakes,I think this will be well used.
 With an abundance of little tomatoes we needed to find a way to utilise and not waste them,at our op shop we are not allowed to sell electrical so this was free and had never been used.
 The mushrooms, I was surprised at how neat I was lol
 Home grown onions we did not do many until we saw how they went these will make lovely flakes,we will do more of these.

Have a good day,enjoy the little of the weekend that's left and be peaceful and rested...a good day for the garden today but we have to go away for the day and collect Lilly..so to a Nanny that's just as much fun.


  1. So tired of being 8 what a card! hehehe.
    You will def miss your wood heater - but yes wood is so expensive these days!

  2. Gee wish I was tired of being 8 lol!

    That is a shame about your wood heater, but you need to do things that suit you, I love the desk that replaced it though!

    We have a brand new dehydrator, still in box! Had it 12 months now and still haven't tried it out...It had better work when we do other wise the warranty is no good anymore! I have a heap of nectarines on the tree so might pick some of them to dry...You got a lucky score there for FREE!

    Hope you are keeping well Carole xx

  3. You have a nice little industry going there ---- nice to see the finished products all bottled up --- what a hoot to say " We made these ourselves"" great fun in everyday things --- gotta love it.

  4. That desk is spectacular (and very useful). I dry my mushrooms in the sun, but have never been successful with toms; maybe I need a machine like yours. RIP Stove.

  5. I love your desk, it looks antique and those little draws are so intriguing, I'm sure your Grandchildren will love them!

    Great result money wise, I'm sure that will all be sorted out soon.

    When's the birthday?

    Sft x

  6. What a shame about your stove but it looks like it's gone to a good home and what a piece of furniture to replace it. You're going to have fun remembering what's in each compartment. I've never tried drying veg. - just missed a dehydrator in a Charity Shop last year. It looked like yours as well. I'll have to snap one up if I see another.
    Love from Mum

  7. Carole, your tomatoes, mushrooms and onions look very artistic. What a good idea to to dry and bottle them.

  8. Hi love the desk with all its little compartments.I expect the grand children will like it to!.
    Yes it is a shame about your wood burner. We just have gas central heating. I think I would be a bit lazy if I had to collect wood!
    I love the dehydrator. I so want to get one. How long does it take to dehydrate them?. Imagine all the things you can do. Great for store cupboard ingredients to. Fantastic that you grew your veg to.
    Hope you are taking care x x x

    1. The desk is great and I love it,lilly is staying and she had the pleasure of putting bits here and there and it was fun...the vegies took about 6 hours and is supposed to use little power,we were very happy with the outcome and at the weekend we will do garlic and crush it for cooking and jar it.

  9. Hello, such a lovely comment...thank you!

    The chap in the picture is my husband Olly......he is a sweetie!xx