Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, January 22, 2012

                                                Thank you for your kind Thoughts

Thank you all so much,it is a wake up call for me as my mind is behaving quite childlike,thinking that life will never be the same again and the scary thing is that Mums sister is 88 and Mum 91 so the reality is that they won't be here forever as I had thought they all would be..wake up girl!...life is not as cosy and calm as I had thought.

Anyhow,the children are here safe and the days will be full and take Mums mind a little off her sadness and the funeral will be Wednesday and we will take Mum to the bush with us so she is not alone.

A little of whats been happening now,remember we took out our wood fire,which left us with a hole in the ceiling,well a fellow down the road came to help Bob so that it is done nice and neat.

 This is the mend so far, he has been now and touched it up a bit more and it just needs to be sanded.
 Why didn't I put a cover over all the cupboards! It lead to mum and I washing all the dressers out and left me wondering "What the!" I need to sometime get rid of some things lol
All back in place,all sparkly and fresh, a little change here and there as all the cupboards are  full of old china,I just love it,o'h well another day I will sort it out and get rid of some,like Bob says "if it was not everywhere,it would not be you"..so I guess he is right...well this time anyway lol.


  1. I just love dressers - the more items on them the better. Enjoy the littlies.
    Love from Mum

  2. Stay strong and lean on Bob for support, as you'll need to support your lovely mum this week.

    Keep busy, sorting out that dresser makes sense.

    Biggest Hugs

    Sft x

  3. You are such a close family, I'm sure you'll all support each other XX

  4. I wonder why it is that I love honey pots so much. I notice you have two.

  5. I'm hoping I can leave a comment today to send you my sympathy - so sad for Mum to lose a brother...all so final. Give Mum my sympathy too....trust all goes well on Wednesday....will be thinking of you all.

  6. Hi Carole I have not been able to get on your blog for ages & ages. I have left big comments only for the page never to load & my comment not go through.(hence the X in the comment box above, was testing to see if it went through).I did leave a message on my blog near where you left a comment!
    I am so so sorry to hear about your familys loss. I hope your mum is ok , it must be lovely that you have her so close to keep a watchfull eye over. I hope you are ok to & bearing up. Life can be really hard sometimes. Its hard to not let things drag us down. Something I have let it do but am trying to fight back.
    Take care so glad I can comment again. I was thinking oh its not fair I cant leave a comment & let you know I was thinking of you x x x