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Our Home our Haven

Monday, January 23, 2012

                                           Shez,Inspiration and Spotlight Sales.

Since I sewed myself silly leading up to Christmas the machine has not been out.Then Shez did a blog on her towel toppers and I thought I might have a go.The machine is still not out because children are still here but...
Sptlight had a sale and so now I have 24 tea towels and hand towels with toppers cut out awaiting me.Also 2 quilts to put together for the April quilt show...
Now why on earth do I have to do so many of anything,never ever do i just do 1 thing..maybe I have a compulsive disorder..
So it is Shez's fault for getting me going again after feeling i would never sew again,and Spotlights fault for having such a good sale!

 All the fart quarters were $1.50...a bargain....
 A large quilt that was under half price....
This one is smaller but it is my colours so I could not resist..I will see if I can meet the challenge to get them made by April!


  1. LOL! Looking forward to seeing the results.

    Sft x

  2. Carole, there's nothing wrong with having a lively mind and enthusiasm for life, which you have in spades!

  3. Hello, lovely to meet you. The patchwork quilts look good, I'm looking forward to seeing them when they're finished xxx