Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, January 20, 2012

                                                                        Eden's Visit

Eden has been and gone, he had just 2 nights as h got quite homesick which is not at all like him,we usually have to drag him home,however we have a quirt hose compared to the ruff and tumble of siblings and I think he really missed that,however in our short time together we had a nice time.

 First of all in town a passing truck threw up a stone and shattered the back window, so we had to spend time in town getting it repaired,Eden spent that time in Vinnies a well known op shop,he had a ball.

 Next morning,mail sorted time to load the car ready to go bush...it was so good to have a helper,Eden was also great with the PDF scanner,not yet ready to do the actual mail sort as Lilly did but good enough for me!
 Box of mail on his lap,Eden enjoys catching up with the changes since his last visit,he got the mail out and handed it to me as we got to the mail boxes.
 O'h me and Molly says it all,just a bit out of order here,I may say that Molly has been very quiet today,missing her mate.Eden has Molly's brother Clyde and he is wild where as Molly is quiet,got everything to do with we are all oldies and they live in a riotous home lol.
 Eden Driving sitting on my lap,the highlight of the childrens visits each time,I have to say I am getting less lap left every visit!
 OOps looks like the road is getting graded,after all the rains the road was very dangerous,and we meet all kinds of things as we go along.Unfortunately Eden missed this as the next pic shows.
Eden on the way home,absolutely pooped,nanny has worn them out again! would you believe after we came back,changed cars etc to take him to meet Dad,he went straight back to sleep and slept all the way home.A sudden bout of homesickness when he woke up on this morning made his visit shorter,but I would prefer to take them home than have them sad for Mum and Dad...they will be back ..maybe next school holiday or the one following as this little family are off to Fiji in about 7 weeks for a holiday of a lifetime...lucky them!


  1. what great bonding time you have with the grandies Carole,lucky family going to fiji.xx

  2. Unforgettable holidays for them. Delivering mail with grandma will be with him forever.

    Your beautiful house makes me smile every time I open your page.

  3. Lucky you having the grandchildren to visit, lovely for them and for you!

  4. I agree with Cro, what a great treat delivering mail and getting to drive on your lap! I was worried about him driving and taking the photo! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing the lovely time you had together. It made me smile.

    Oh look, my word verification says 'bless'!

    Sft x

  5. Hello Carole, I took Cro's advice and got Chrome and it seems I can comment again!
    I loved this post especially the photo of Eden and Molly.

  6. What a lovely family you have. Great pic at the end of your post.
    Love from Mum