Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, January 28, 2012

                                                            Kids Visit,Birthday etc

The last of the holiday visits are over and school is about to go back so this is Livvy and Will's couple of pics driving and exhausted.love the sleepy pics lol.

 Livvy totally done,Grammy works them too hard lol
 Poor Will all done and Mr Sniffles his puppy is too!
 Awake and having his drive,look the tooth fairy has been since last visit.
 Livvy working the PDF,it took me ages to learn,it took all the kids 5 minutes!
Livvy driving,I am almost swamped by the kids now they are almost too big to sit on my lap,well actually Lilly is.

Today is my birthday and our son and family came home for the day,we had lunch at the pub and it was so lovely  a huge meal and we are all too full! forgot to take pics but I got very spoilt with presents so here is what I received.

 From our son and family,a new portrait taken at Christmas and some glasses as I have almost all odd ones.
 From my daughter and family 2 books to take away at Easter,I like autobiographies and I will love these and some slippers and a home made card which I especially love.
 From Bob some craft books and a wind chime he made from an old lamp piece and bits and bobs and he paid for everyone's lunch as I am not a party girl this was nice,we missed our girl being here but we had a lovely visit from her mid week and she stayed over,so that was special.
From Mum some money.this will go into my hiding spot until I see something I really want and from my brother a lotto pack,maybe I will win if not it does not matter he sent me a card and thought of me that was enough.

So now scarily I am 63.Where did that time go! I am heading for a new time of life where we should be winding down,but,work is busier than ever.....maybe that will keep me young lol not by the look of my pictures earlier ! anyhow another year has passed,I pray that God will protect and keep me safe and well to look after Mum and Bob....


  1. Much love to you on your special day. Happy Birthday hon!


  2. happy birthday Carole,how ovely the family celebrated with you as well,great gifts you received.xx

  3. Happy Birthday Carole. Being a bloke, I have to say that I like Bob's prezzie the best! I'll have to get making something similar for you-know-who. xx

    1. It was by far my favourite too Cro,he put a lot of thought into it as I love wind chimes and old things so it was a bit of both.xxx

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday, I love the pictures of the zonked out kids!!!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Carole. Hope you had a lovely day.

  6. A very Happy Birthday to a lovely lady.
    Love from Mum

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad you were spoilt, as you deserve to be, with presents and love and good company!

    Sft x

  8. Happy Birthday Carole, looks like you had a wonderful day.

  9. Hi Carole
    I hope you had a most wonderful birthday, by the sounds of it you were looked after.
    I love the sleepy pictures!Poor luvs they must be exhausted!. They look very happy they will have lots of lovely memories to look back on & tell there own grankids one day to.
    I hope you get chance to read your books & pop your feet up. You take care x x