Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

                                                                          Little Helpers

The best part of life at the moment is that all the grandchildren ( well 4 of them ) are taking in turns for a little visit to our home...Livvy and Will are at moment in the middle of swim classes so it is Lilly first..

They grow so fast and from a little girl that was hard to entertain to a great helper and so grown up it was a delight to have lilly.

 Lilly is now big enough to  help sort the mail, she was so good and made no mistakes,I was so surprised,she also learned how to use the PDF for scanning parcels and it was such a help for me..as I do not have a relief worker anymore Bob says he wished we could find someone like Lil to work with us lol...
 The best part opening the gates way up at the last property,after I drive through all the kids sit on my lap or between my legs and drive the 2 klms to the homestead(I use the controls and they steer) with the mail and they drive back and when they get out to do the gate I take over again,they love it.
 Then Lilly did an interview with a wonderful old fellow Fred Day for an article for our Whisper paper,questions through they eyes of an 11 year old,she asked so many sensible things and also things like "were you scared"? and "were there any animals in the trenches?" lots and lots  he is so interesting...the main reason we did it is that I am calling for Care Packages for our troops in Afghanistan for Anzac Day packs and Fred received one in 1945 when he was fighting in Tarakan and he still has the tin it came in!He is a collector of all things historical and had so much to show and after 2 hours we had still not left his dining room,we will go back another holiday and hear some more stories.Fred is showing Lil his medals here.
Here he is showing the 25lb bomb shell cases and Fred is getting out bullets from each country that he has including British shells,they are not live he has had them professionally made safe,it was a wonderful learning curve for Lil.Fred has this kit made up as he visits the schools to talk about his war..and his age yes he is 90 years young!Remembers everything that ever happened in our little town..wonderful.

So Lilly is back home safe in Mums arms and Eden is here so his adventure will begin today,wonder what we will do?....the days will unfold in their own way.


  1. Lovely little moments that I'm sure you'll treasure.
    Love from Mum

  2. Special memories being made. Lily seems a lovely girl.

    Great that you are recognising a hero, he sounds so interesting and brave.

    Looking forward to Eden't adventure now.

    Sft x

  3. Looks like you might have someone to take over from you when (or if) you retire!

  4. Your Lilly is an absolute little treasure