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Our Home our Haven

Sunday, December 11, 2011

                                           GUESS WHO IS 91 TODAY?
Happy birthday Mum you are much loved by all,presents have been arriving all week from family and Mum opened them this morning,she was feeling very spoilt but she certainly deserved all her lovely gifts.

 Lovely cards,always Mum reads the cards first,she is  someone that drinks in all the words.
Have a lovely day Mum.

I have been away again as William and Olivia were in their tap dancing concert this weekend it was wonderful,no pics allowed so I will have to wait for the official ones to be sent,too proud for words with all the little ones,William was so gorgeous in his little suit tap dancing and Olivia ever the beautiful dancer,well done kids and Lilli last weekend was so lovely too.
Michael is getting a bit better each day, they have placed him on a low GI diet and already that is making a difference,all the blood tests should be back early this week and the problem hopefully revealed,but he sounded like his old self last night.
Life at work is so busy with parcels etc,and our days are long but it will be all over soon, I am all ready for Christmas as such.
Our Cackle Club will have their little gathering on Tuesday,bitter sweet as our lovely Angela not with us, also Gwenyth our eldest member lost her husband last week so we will have them so much in our thoughts bless them.
On Saturday we have the Treasures girls party here at home,and then Sunday Bobs Mum and sister arrive after an 8 hour train trip so it is all getting closer.
I am so happy to say that many people sent care packages to the soldiers and the newspaper from Newcastle rang me to do an item on it and they will get in touch next October and see if we can't get many more sent next year,thanks to all those that sent them to our soldiers.
Be kind to yourself today, yesterday I got to go to church with my precious daughter, the message was about carrying all the baggage around that drags us down and we need to be reminded to give it up to God and he will lighten the yolk around our necks,it was a timely reminder as someone close to me was being less than 'nice" and I stressed over it so much and then I realised I have no problem it is them with the baggage so it was wonderful to dust off ..give it up to God..and start afresh..the wonders of having Faith,not preaching each to his own but without Faith my life seems so empty.
Have a wonderful week and I will catch up on all the blogs as the week goes  along,feel blessed by your good health, your wealth is not monetary but it is that you are living,loved and shone upon each day,let life's battles wash over you today ,if you have hurt someone and been unkind ,fix it,if someone has been unkind to you forgive them and move on,you will feel so much lighter,if someone loads their worries upon you, listen and then let it go,it is not your burden,you have done a good job the listen,it is a rare thing to be able to hear the troubles of others,even a more rare thing to lay those words aside,keep the confidence and be loyal,all gifts that are a true blessing and a gift of the spirit that makes you who you are.
Have a truly blessed day.


  1. This was a really lovely post. Thank you.
    And happy birthday to your mum!

  2. Happy birthday to your mum.
    The tap dancing concert sounds wonderful. I love watching tap dancing. I enjoyed watching the river dance on tv. ort of irish dancing with lots of tapping & clattering of feet!
    Take care & love the blog post to x x

  3. Happy birthday Nan! Hope you have a lovely day.
    Take care of yourself Carole and don't work too hard.


    My mum also cherishes the words and verses in cards, always reading them first.

    I hope she has a wonderful birthday.

    Thank you for the inspirational post. I've borrowed some for my blog. Hope you don't mind.

    Sft x

  5. Carole - first of all a great big Happy Birthday to your precious mum. I'm so glad that Michael is getting better too. The words you've written about casting all your cares on Him are just the ones I needed to hear right now and they mean a lot to me too. I'm sorry that naughty person is causing you grief. Hope the situation improves soon. Lots of love Molly xxx

  6. Happy birthday Mom, what a lovely family you are.

  7. happy birthday to Carole's mum,i can see she had a lovely day filled with love and fun,a lovely post Carole.

  8. Happy birthday to your beautiful mum!


  9. Happy Birthday to your Mum amd wishing her amny more.

  10. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    From one Mum to another
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Love from Mum

  11. Happy Birthday to your dear mother.

    The last paragraph on your blog post today really made me think.....I've been stressing about money, and in the process making myself ill with the worry of it all.....but after reading your wise words, I fgeel I might be able to ease up on myself now....xx

  12. Hope Mum had a great Birthday...may every joy and happiness be hers.
    May God in His goodness with His gift of life bless her on her birthday and every day.
    Lovely photos...how good to have her with you. Loved your writings today...all is well if we give God the control. Timely words. Thanks for taking the time to write them in your business.

  13. Wishing the birthday girl a very happy belated Birthday!!! Glad she had a great day. So nice that you were able to share in the dancing concerts, such special memories.