Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, December 4, 2011

                                           Update,Sadness and Joy.
On Friday I posted my card and letter to kerry thinking if she were well enough the family could read to her ,tell her my words of how wonderful she always made my day when I ran into her,she always had a joke mostly a little bawdy but always histerical,sadly Kerry passed away on Saturday while I was away,when I received the message my first thought s were of little regrets.
I never did get to "drop by" to have that cuppa,look at her renovations and garden,this is one thing I can rectify with life ,if someone asks me I am going to make the time,since Mum had lived with us I have rushed home to her so in the last 3 years I have not done many of these little things that make friends keep their relationships up to date.Mum and Bob have my every moment once I am finished work and I don't like the feeling of "wish I had"I am going to make sure that I just keep in touch with a quick pop by to those in my life.Kerry is at rest now,it was so fast I guess if we could choose a way it would be the fast way to go.

The great news is that I got to go to my sons home for the weekend and I needed to see him so badly as this last week has been many tests and scans for him,we are bracing ourselves in case the news is nasty as that is what the doctor has told us,we are very positive though and refuse to think that this is going to happen,there should be some news today, we were expecting the results on Friday so we are thinking if it was the nasty senario Michael would have gotten that call..praying our pants off .
The other reason I went down was to see  Lilli in her dancing concert and presentation.It was wonderful the three year olds stealing the show.I had a wonderful time lots of cuddles for my son and we both needed that,Bob stayed home with Mum as only one of us can go away.
On the way to their place a 2 hour drive I have to go through the beautiful wine country and at 6.30 the hot air balloons were landing from their dawn rides,what a beautiful sight,but I do not think I will put that on my bucket list,it is a lot of money for 1 hour!

 I just held the camera at the windscreen and hoped I got the balloons
 I love travelling at this early hour as there is no traffic,by the time mid morning comes there is traffic everywhere as the tourists arrive for the winery visits.
 Look at our girl and her bounty,she received a trophy for best improved in the combined age group,she was thrilled as she has been only learning 6 months,you could not wipe the smile off her face,bless her.We were not allowed to take pics on the stage so had to wait till she came to us to get some.
Lilli, proud Mummy and young Mr Elijah,what a long night it all started at 5 and finished at 10.30! the kids were exhausted not to mention the Nanny and parents lol.Very proud Lilli great job.
Next weekend I get to go to my daughter place as Olivia and William are in their dance concert.How I am looking forward to that,they both do tap dancing and love it,I have seen Livvy dance before but not Will I think this is going to be a memory bank one as he is a nutter lol honestly I think it will be just gorgeous.
Don't forget now, if someone asks you to pop by just take that 0 minutes,there is someone I need to do that with today,and I will!


  1. Hi really sorry to here about your friend. I think in life we always have a certain amount of regret about different things. But I believe we do the best, we can, when we can. I am always thinking if only or I should have. Its natural x x
    Its lovely you have your mum so close.
    I hope your son is ok, what a worry for you all.Glad you all have each other close by.
    Well done to your grandaughter her smile says it all
    Take care & will be thinking of you & hoping
    everything will be well x x

  2. Carole - to lose two of your friends so suddenly - I'm so sorry. Thoughts and prayers for your son Michael, hope things turn out well for him.
    Your beautiful granddaughter has done very well. Lots of congratulations from me too. Love Molly xx

  3. so sad to lose 2 friends Carole so close together,Pray your son is okay and congrats to your precious grand-daughter,what a mighty job she did.xo

  4. So sorry for your loss.


    Sandie xx

  5. I was sad to hear about Kerry. God bless you all.

    I wish I lived nearby I would come and sit with Mom so you and Bob could go out together, if you dont think I would be a bad influence :-D

  6. Praying for your boy Carole, you deserve a set of beautiful glistening "Angel on earth wings"
    I hope the news is good.