Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

                                     Wrapping Up and Counting Down.

All my Christmas wrapping is done,the decorations waiting to go up this evening and now the countdown.

Life at work is so busy,we are up at 5am,I hit the ground running and do not stop until I leave for work at 7am( make half an hour of that time blog time or less cannot afford more lol but it makes my day start well,the last 2 weeks I have no idea what lunch is..I have breakfast at 6am and that's it till 4pm,I have been taking fruit with me to get me through.

On Monday I delivered over 200 packages and that's after I did my bush run!It amazes me that I still love Christmas!Some items were so heavy that Bob had to come with me when he finished work.
I do love the parcels that are addressed to "The best Nanny and Poppy in the World" and the address.It always makes me smile and when I deliver it the nanny is reduced to tears....life is so good you know..there are hard times happening but someone forgot to tell the shoppers.

I love to give the children a book at Christmas (as well as everything else I know)! but when toys come and go and get broken,the book sits upon the shelf and when they open it up to read 5 years on they remember they got it in what year etc.
Unfortunately many bookstores have closed down as EBooks become more popular and online buying.We no longer have a book store in our area or the next large shopping town over 1 hour away...so this year Amazon came to the rescue for me.
The boys books are coming from Amazon Australia but the girls for Uk.. I ordered them a Girls Annual 2012 as I still have mine from 1956 etc. I know they will love these as they are a thing of the past here.

Tonight the house light will be lit for the first time, I do not know why(my grandmothers fault) but I seem to have the idea that if we light them up before the wrath of God will be upon me lol.

Absolutely always in my mind is the real meaning of Christmas,my faith keeps me strong, I am exhausted, everything aches and what doesn;t will soon I imagine,but to think that I have some one ever watching over me is a great comfort.
Darling Angela was laid to rest on Tuesday, and Monday I heard of another friend that I only see occasionally as she runs a B&B and is so busy that she is terminally ill and to add to the shock it has happened so fast that only family are allowed to go to the house as she is so ill..boy did that make me feel sad,you see everytime I saw kerry in town she would say pop up and have a look at the renovations,have a cuppa...you know I just did not get round to it,now she will not know that I always thought about her...I feel very blessed to be healthy..
Please if you have a friend that needs a little call ,do it today or in the next few days or even drop a little thinking of you card in the mail, I am going to do that and hopefully Kerry's hubby Rob will read it to her..
Maybe it's a good thing we don't know what's ahead,makes you realise you have to live for the day,have the best day you can and be blessed with good health because at the end of the day good health and faith is all we have.


  1. great post Carole and your words of wisdom so true,,take care,xo

  2. Such sad news.

    You are right, we should tell those we love that we love them and as much time as possible with them.

    Sft x

  3. Agree with you wholeheartedly. I think with the inevitability of losing those we love, I try to focus on the precious times and memories shared. I lost my Dad 2 weeks ago so understand about making every moment count. After the past couple of months, I am so grateful we don't know what's ahead - might make us lose our hope :0). Blessings to you.

  4. "Maybe it's a good thing we don't know what's ahead,makes you realise you have to live for the day,have the best day you can and be blessed with good health because at the end of the day good health and faith is all we have".

    Very wise words indeed Carole. My Dad had so many plans and then he died unexpectedly aged just 62.

    Your excitment for Christmas just bursts out of your writing and I couldnt agree more about giving books. I kept all my sons favourites and will give them to his children one day.

    Enjoy everything the season brings Carole and I am sending love to Kerry and all who care for her.

  5. Lovely lovely post . Its right you do not know what lies ahead.
    You make sure you take time to eat too. You sound very busy rushing about.
    I am sure your friend will very much appreciate a little note x x

  6. Sounds like you are doing the work of three people, but good for you to keep focused on what's important. You're so right about valuing those we love, and telling them so.

  7. Carole, your post are always beautiful, touching and moving, I am sorry to hear you have lost another dear friend, as you say always take the time to take the time, once it is gone you can never get it back. I love the old letter maybe we should take the time to sit a write a word or two.