Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, November 26, 2011

                                            These are a few of my Favourite things......

 This is a beautiful typical Australian home that has been renovated back to its glory, a photographer has bought it and people can have their photos etc done in the back gardens, I will see one day if they will let me show you...it is opposite to where I work each day,but I wanted to show you their Cape Chestnut tree, it has been glorious and it is amongst Jackerandas so it has been a picture.
 Now this is such a special little building,"back in the old days" we had our own butter factory and the milk came there via the little river punts long gone, a young couple have bought the fallen down place and they are very slowly restoring the butter factory part in the original brick.The little hut is the old pay office, still standing,it is so small and I smile everyday when I drive past, I love it when I have parcels for these people I can walk by huge piles of sandstone waiting go be placed and touch it as I walk by and wonder where it will be in the big picture of things.
 This is a street named Segenhoe Street and it is a very hilly street , these wonderful trees line the entire street and the buses are parked outside of the school.
A thank you to my lovely swap partner..Vintage Sweetheart,you spoilt me very much and I was thrilled with the old magazines and everything...thank you again...

I pinched the idea of these bags from another blogger doing the Christmas challenge I had done some for the girls but not the boys, in these I put bubble bath, a hair brush some "product" and some other boy stuff..they looked great, I thought they could sit them on their bedside tales with their DS'S and earphones etc in them.
Anyway have a wonderful day, we had a charity bowls day today with an Hawaiian theme I think Bob took a couple of pics,I will see and maybe share some of the day...


  1. lovely post Carole,i love your tours

  2. Hi what a beautiful tree. It looks very pretty round there. All our leaves are on ground now wintery times now.
    Good luck with your savings pot too. Grandmother to six you must be very busy at times!.
    Swap goodies look fun. Its fun doing swaps. Love the bags a great idea.
    I hope your fund to come to the uk in 2014 does well. Where abouts are you visiting in the uk any idea yet? x xhave a lovely day

  3. Thank goodness that such lovely old buildings are being saved!

  4. Lovely old buildings! I'm so glad you liked the goodies. It was fun getting it together for you.

  5. Well, I had my parents to stay this weekend and we spent a contented hour sharing your posts. They think Bob, Joyce, Georgie and you are wonderful and found it so interesting learning about your life.

    I am thrilled that you are using the sealed pot for a trip to the UK (read about this on No spend Days comments). Hope we can meet up and show you around. I live about 35 miles from London so a good location.

    More info please.

    Hugs to you all.

    Sft x

  6. Hi Blessed Life
    Thank you so so much you are so kind & giving in your comments towards me.I can feel it comes from a good place. It makes me want to invite you in for a nice cup of tea!. Maybe one day!. Wishing you well x x x