Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

                                        Thank you for your kind words.

I am a closet poem,verse ?writer due to a traumatic,discouraging time in high school and so I do write it but never put it up,this time I did and although my work is child like I really appreciated your kind words to me..thank you all...

Mum had a very confusing start to the day today, I awoke will Molly barking beside me, I jumped out of bed as the only way molly could be in was to have been let in, pitch dark I ran down the hallway to find Mum sitting in the dark.."what are you doing Mum".."I thought you had slept in and it was 5.30am but it was only 4am" so you guessed it I stayed up and got ready for work, wrote a blog lost the lot(and the plot) and so the day went on,the washing was hung out before 5am,I sewed the extra bags I needed to make,watered the garden(then it rained today)lol.
So the day went on,now this afternoon I have been productive,finished my items for this week for the Christmas challenge and now have to do my items for our little towns monthly flier/mag named 'the Aberdeen Whisper".I do an item for the little op shop Treasures Talk and we just thank the town for supporting us an announce if we have excess books,anything like that.Then I need to do an article for the cackle Club,and this month I will be talking about how our craft group is going to join up with Sand Angels..they make scarves for the troops in Afganistan so we are hoping to make 10 a month if possible, we have yet to join up but we discussed it and we are all excited,why not Google Sand Angels or Sand Scarves and maybe you could consider doing some now and then.

I will also tell you about our other little exercise in another blog when I have it ready to show...but it is the time of the year that while I was buzzing a hundred miles an hour in my head about what to do for this friend ,that relative,those kids lol..I realised...stop...you need to think a bit...
I had already started to add to the homeless and hamper foods for the poor,and so are all the local churches etc as per usual..
I was looking for ages for a connection for shoeboxes for the children overseas,I had no luck in getting boxes here and time was gone,as I googled...I found what my heart was looking for....I will share as soon as I have the item ready...
Have a blessed day and be kind to yourself as that will give you the energy to be kind to others.

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  1. You mentioned the shoeboxes for children. we send ours through 'Operation Christmas child'.