Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, November 13, 2011

                                                                Love is.......
For Elijah (and of course all the other little ones).

Your chubby arms cuddle me so tight
Your butterfly kisses on my cheek a delight
You hug me ,never letting go
"O'h Nanny I have missed you so".

You don't mind my wrinkly neck
As you touch me softly so you don't forget
That Nanny's wrinkly map of life
Is the memory you will have for life

I squeeze you back,and smell your hair
I touch your cheek for this is where
Your tears will fall the next day
When Nanny has to go away

I will be back very soon
We can play and swing and sing a tune
We will sit together for while
You will read to me and I will smile

Being a Nanny is the best
My heart beats loudly in my chest
I wave goodbye and beep my horn
I must go home my heart is torn

Poppy and  Greatnana await me so
It is home for me , I have to go
 I will be back ,and you will see
I miss you like you miss me.

Being a Nanny and Grammy to my 6 grandchildren is the most precious thing in life there is for me.Now Elijah and William are turning 6 it is so much more  noticeable that the bigger kids have a totally different reaction to my visits,they squeal, run into my arms for hugs and kisses then off to see what goodies there is lol,but the little fellows they cling for dear life as if they are holding onto the memory of my arms ,Elijah and William hug like there is no tomorrow.
I have just been to visit my sons family as they needed me to babysit for them and it does not happen that often, I have to go alone as Bob has to stay behind with mum,he is missing out but there is nothing much we can do at this time.
I have come home with the feeling of being "all loved up' and had fate has it both the grand daughters are in dance concerts next month so I get to see the whole lot of the children before Christmas.

The blessing and reward for the hard job of parenthood is the gift of being a Grandparent..God is good.


  1. Carole - such a lovely little poem which says everything.

  2. Did you write that poem...its beautiful...as are the memories that you are making with your grandchildren.

    Sft x

  3. you said it so well Carole,they are precious little people for us to love and spoil.xo

  4. Carole I envy you, your grandchildren. I hope one day to be blessed also.
    Your love for your family is a joy to read about.

  5. Ahh, what a lovely post. I've not grandchildren yet but maybe one day. Thank you for your comment on my blog and 'hello' to you. Hardup Hester has a blog, just type in Hardup Hester blogspot and you'll find it.
    Love from Mum

  6. Lovely post Carole and you are blessed but then you deserve to be. :o)

  7. A wonderful bit of reading.....thanks for sharing the poem...is it all your own?