Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

                                             Tall Dark Object in the Corner
In the corner near the table where I take all my main pics is an old pot belly stove...you were right Cro.

Everything has a story and this does too.One day we were on the front verandah and a lady we know pulled up to say hello..we were putting the wrought iron up ...she said she was off to the local rubbish tip when she thought of me..delightful!!!...lol..they had an old pot belly stove and thought they would try  to burn some coal in it...well they ended up with a  huge explosion,the back of the pot belly blew out,so did the wall!

She thought I would like it to paint,and I did I was thrilled,I at that time painted everything that was not moving being obsessed with folk art.I did it in old typical style and won first prize at the local show!that was a big shock.
It has sat in the same place for many years, it is near Bobs chair and it normally holds all his paperwork and books(I removed them out of vanity to take the pic)..the great whopping hole is still in the back ,I guess one day when the kids clear the house out it will finish its journey to the tip,at this point it is part of Pa Pa and Grammy's place of useless but interesting items lol.


  1. What a great story!A cute stove and I love what it is used for!


    Sft x

  2. i agree a good story Carole and i love the painting you have done on it,i kmow why you got 1st prize its fantastic,well done Carole

  3. What a shame about the hole, but still a beautiful object. Sadly, such things cannot be mended.

  4. What a great stove. I love the folk artsy motif.

    Your veranda is beautiful!