Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, November 19, 2011

                                               Our Bedroom...O'h Dear!!!!

Recently some bloggers have posted pics of their lovely calming bedroom...I am a bit flabbergasted as I said I would post mine,it is my favourite room yet I leave it at 5am and do not enter again until about 9.30 10ish pm..if I do it is just to put ironing etc away.
Some of the ladies rooms look so restful, I am thinking as we are painting soon i had better de clutter as you will see...I have no idea what will have to go to make it more peaceful,one lady a while back commented you should not have your children's pic in your bedroom as they should not be watching what goes on lol hysterical,I have always had pics on my washstand and we have even got our mums looking on..O'h dear better turn them round the other way...errr maybe a coupla times a year..just joking Bob...
Here we go....Our room is the first room off the hall as you enter into our front door..Mum is opposite.(for the information of an axe murderer lol).
 Sorry the pics not too clear but my camera seems to be on the wrong setting..anyway..our bed cost us $30 ,30 years ago it is iron with porcelain and brass and about 100 years old and the bedspread is an antique damask one given to me by a friend from her family,she is modern,.
 Sorry head on the side  people, my bedside table, my daily prayerbook,jewellery box a small icon given by a friend for protection,got no idea what its about as i think it is catholic but I was grateful,and Bobs Mum gave me her engagement ring,this is her little blue box and it even has the receipt in it!
 A flower wreath made by a friend and given to me.
 I did not realise I had covered up the blue floral tiles..but as you can see the kids pics are there,the royal doulton flowers I bought at a car boot near Bristol, they were too heavy to bring home so our friend bought them over when she came to Australia,I was so surprised that she had done that for me,I was already overweight with things.More stuff!
 Heads on the side again lol my dressing table
 Bobs chest of drawers bought from Canada by his Grandfather in the late 1800's,we love this .
 His cupboard my stuff!!! a little cupboard Bob bought me last year as a gift.
 It contains another little collection..oops...
 Above the chest is a painting of Christmas Bells by Bobs grandmother,she did illustrations for books.
 An old foot warmer, have to fill every space you know lol
 Little miss Teddy by one of the door that goes to the front verandah.
This little stool is our doorstop,and that's our room...when I was taking the pics I though crickey too much..I will try to declutter..later...one day..when I work out what I do not want...sometime..on the 12 maybe..12th of never more like lol...thanks coming....hope you did not mind the dust..
This week I will take some more pics of my "office",as I go about my mail run.
Have a wonderful  day.


  1. Your room is delighful Carole, like the rest of your home. I did enjoy seeing your pretty things. Dont de-clutter, it obviously gives you a lot of pleasure just the way it is.

  2. What a beautiful and calming room.

    Your bed is beautiful!

    Sft x

  3. Such a lovely bedroom...so sweet!xx

  4. Carole your bed room looks nice and just what a bedroom should look like. We have a photo of our grand daughter in ours (Oh dear :0)

  5. beautiful Carole you know its the clutter that expresses you and the things you like,a very peaceful and loved room,thankyou for the tour.

  6. You have a lovely bedroom Carole, I dont think it is too cluttered, you are surrounded by the things you love...

    My bedroom is the place where I keep the precious things in my life, a place of my own.

    Thank you for sharing your bedroom :)

  7. Love your bedroom and love, love, love the post re care packages. Might pinch that and post some time this week on mine if ok?