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Our Home our Haven

Monday, November 7, 2011

I have been doing the Christmas challenge and  Tuesday is the day we post our progress, some of you that follow are also in the challenge but as I do not know how to put the link up I have posted it here too...just in case there are any ideas I can share with you...It is a challenge starting Nov through till Christmas but because of my work I have a smaller time frame to get it all done,it is to help get organised lol not stress!

I am known for loving Christmas, I do not really like getting pressies that much but I love to give.. I make many little things for the kids Christmas stockings,so when you come to the surf bags these are for their stockings,they can just grab that bag and a towel and off they go.

My mother tells me that the kids are too spoilt as I collect goodies all year for them but once we are on the pension I will have to cut back a long way so I have no vices,this is my joy.It is not about the gifts I know but gee I love seeing their faces light up..I also make sure each one had a "Tear "certificate, I buy a mosquito net for 6 little children and put that on their tag,they know they have helped a child in a poor country, a net is only $5,I think next year I will have a sealed jar and pop change into it and we will aim for a water well.
Anyway below is my list so far completed and still some to go eg the cake and pud etc.and still waiting for 2 little books I ordered with some special makes in them...

        My Finished items so far.........

Remember my deadline is Dec1 because of work so I have to go full steam ahead lol.

 Tuti Fruiti and Lemon cordials for Christmas done..small bottle to go with cackle Club girls little pressie.(3 more next batch).
 2girls and 4 boys Christmas T Shirts trimmed( I got these on sale at 2 for 1 so each cost $1.50.) then i put lace trim on the girls and just stars this year on the boys.
 Christmas boxer shorts there are 10 pairs here lol,6 for my lovelies and the others I rescued out of the wrong pattern,Lyn my friend got 3 pairs and I shall give the others to some little sweeties I come across.
 The embroidered and trimmed pillowcases,I really wanted soft pink for the girls but could not get them last week, this week I walked in and they were there! anyway too late I had started the embroidery.The butterflies are sparkly.
 Michaels pillow bag..everyone calls him Mick I hate that I loved his name anyway he is Mick to all so Mick it is.
 A surf bag for everyone... I ended up doing 10 one for each child and the parents.I went into a store on Saturday and they had the good caps,thongs and sunscreen all on sale,everyone will have a pair of thongs, a cap and a tube of sunscreen and it has cost me a whole $6 complete for each bag.
 2 peg bags... I never did find the pattern so had to do it the best I thought I could, I really like them they have velcro under the buttons as my button hole maker would not work for some reason..I remember the pattern just pegged the bag on the line but I did not like that idea..so now i just have to buy 2 bags of pretty pegs.
 Georgies 2 Christmas suits....
 6 handtowels so far I have three more waiting for their pots and flower stems.
 Christmas bands and hair elastics for the two girls.
I bought 5 of these little tubs for $6 each,these are for my 5 special friends,they will have a calendar,a hand towel,a tea towel(have them made from before) a 2012 Diary, a lovely soap from  Karen at Grannies Garden, I have ordered these and I gave them last year and they loved them, a bon bon of lollies, and a heat bag, and a little lavender bag..the total cost will be about $12 ...I hope they like them,just thought I would show you as it may be an idea for you.

For me now my list is 4 heat bags
4 lavender draw bags
Christmas cake
Christmas pudding.
little mini puddings that I give the elderly each year.
some more small bottle of lemon Cordial.
depends on time 2 more peg bags.
I will stress if I add anymore
I still have to do my Christmas swap and my summer swap...still waiting for my books to arrive so that I can make something different.
Whew thats all for me folks I am pooped lol.


  1. JUST AMAZING! You have put so much into these presents, it's clear you love giving so much.

    Mr Sft and 1 squealed with delight at George's little suits..we love George! And he'll look great on Christmas day...photo please!

    I love everything but the peg bags are particularly pretty, that fabric just screams country cottage to me.

    I know you'll meet your goal! BUT GOOD LUCK ANYWAY.


    Sft x

  2. Your enthusiasm is infectious Carole!
    I think it's wonderful how you enjoy the preparations so much. Hand made and home made gifts are always very special.

  3. Carol, where do you find the time???????

    I have started making some presents but need to hurry up.

    Your presents are so beautiful and your love is shown in every stitch.

    How much nicer is it to receive something handmade?

    I do hope to catch up with you soon.

    Melissa xxxx

  4. For goodness sake no wonder you are pooped!
    That collection of things is totally awesome......you are so productive....you are like me, you have to be organised as you are so busy organising other folks christmas (mail etc)....you are wonderful

  5. How beautiful everything is, and you can just see the love that has gone into everything! I wish I had completed so many things already....

  6. well done Carole i am impressed and Georgie will look so smart

  7. You must work all day everyday to get all those things done, but they are all made with love:0)
    The tutti fruiti sounds interesting

  8. Your house is so interesting. What is that dark tall object to the right of the bottles? It looks like an old pot-bellied stove.

    Do you ever just do nothing?

  9. Wowza you have been busy! We must get around to our swap. I think I will haveit all ready soon so I will let you know shortly.


  10. How lovely all your christmas bits & pieces lots of thought & love have gone into them. I love handmade things. The uniqueness of them and the thought & love. Very impressed with your gifts.
    Love the stove. I love folk art, I remember trying to do one stroke roses they look so lovely x x

  11. Wow all your gifts are lovely, it's my first visit here and I am going now to read more of your blog