Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, November 6, 2011


                                                  Chaos and Calm

Calmness first, this is a beautiful old church that looks all naked in winter and spring is here and she looks wonderful, I think the effect is what you are hoping for Cro in the future, I saw the painter at this old church in the winter scraping and repainting the windows, it is no longer used for praise and worship, it is actually on a farm and the people have many historic bits and bobs and will open it one day for people to come look.

The chaos is the Christmas challenge ..not because it is a pressure thing but unlike most I have until Dec 1st to get all mine done as a postie our lives become a nightmare after that date.
Yesterday we were having a quiet afternoon, me sewing,Bob doing paperwork,the phone rings it is the post office owner, the courier had dropped off a huge load of large parcels,so off we go and deliver to the town on a Sunday afternoon,which I might say ended up being a delight as everyone is excited to be receiving parcels on a Sunday!

Anyway I am getting off the subject(aren't you glad your not sitting having coffee with me,my conversation is all over the place lol)...
I think the secret to getting lots done is to have an area where you can sit any time you have five minutes and do a little bit of sewing, I am blessed enough to have an area in our living are,under a window where my machine just sits awaiting for me to plop down and run a few rows along,so when you see what i got done this week for my challenge it will not be showing off it will be necessity that I got so much done, and they are all simple items thus far lol.I was left an overlocker by Kates MIL and I said the other day I think I am having an affair with it I have never had one before and it is making things so much easier.

Anyhoo here is a pic of my area,as you can see it is chaos but today it can be tidies up ready for the next round of sewing..I am not proud of the mess!

I find that having the big desk in the corner is just so easy this morning before i go to work I will do 3 hems on the top of surf bags...

Have a great day and blessing abound from my home to yours.


  1. The best of luck with your Christmas presents!

    I'm sure you won't need it!

    Take it easy too!

    Sft x

  2. I think I will set up my projects that way Carol as it's so much easier if I've only got 5 minutes spare than to have to drag out the sewing machines and all the bits and bobs.

  3. what a busy life you have Carole,you must feel like Santa when you drop the parcels off,lol,have a great week.xo

  4. Spot on, Carole. Talking of which, I've never known a church that has roses growing around the entrance door... I wonder why.