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Our Home our Haven

Thursday, November 17, 2011

                                       Open your hearts..Let the World In.

I don't want to come across as "the charity queen",I don't want to sound like ..me...me...me..I do this...I do that...I just let others know that there are heaps of things you can do for your fellow man.So please don't think I am always saying what I do,it's just me,I would rather "do"for others and that means family first then others,than to "do'for me.I take after my grandparents..much to many in the families disgust lol..
So my last blast at what we are doing as a family this year for others and also the cackle Club and as i have talked to the towns people on my deliveries many more are doing it..I placed my article in our little paper we have for our town"The Aberdeen Whisper"(we even have a web site now through Upper Hunter Council"whoo whoo..) asking for everyone that can to come onboard or join in with a couple of others to make things possible.
Each year I attach a "Tear" certificate for a mosquito net for  overseas kids to our kids Christmas stocking,it is only $5 for one and this year we were trying to do shoe boxes for the children overseas,as we are far from the city it just did not happen,all the churches are doing them but I could not get 100 delivered to distribute.So feeling a bit down I Googled what I could do for Australians.
I found a site that has been looking after our Servicemen and women for quite a long time, so we have chosen to do this ,this year.We have high hopes that many soldiers that have no family to receive from will be blessed this Christmas.Our grandchildren have drawn pictures etc to go in the family one and we have put our email address in case the soldier wants to contact us.In the Cackle Club one we are putting a little story about us and Aberdeen and a contact address.
Would you like to join in also..here is everything you need to know.
I did a shop at Woolworths, it came to about $35..but..If you got the listed products by other brands you could do it cheaper,you can add babywipes also as when I read the web site (there are a few) it said they really appreciate them.When my brothe rwas in Vietnam he loved getting packages from home,all I could think of was the mail being handed out and having no family it must be awful anyway just letting you know what is out there.
From now on no more whining from me to think of others,off my soapbox and back to the sewing machine!

To send a care package to an Australian Soldier in Afghanistan, you need to purchase a "B" size box (weighs 175g itself) from Australia Post, they cost $2.25 They'll give you some customs forms which you will also need to fill out. The address you need to send the package to is below. Make sure you seal all the edges of the box with packing tape. If the box after being packed ways less than 2kg, Australia Post will send it for Free.
“An Australian Soldier”
Op Slipper
Australian Defence Force
To give an example of what can be sent, a care package could be:
1 x Lynx Shower Gel Travel Size
1 x Pack of Schick Disposable Razors
1 x NON-AEROSOL Shaving Cream
1 x Lynx Role On Deodorant
1 x Small Baby Powder (Talc)
1 x Chap Stick (SPF 30+)
3 x Bags of Allen's Lollies (NOT CHOCOLATE)
1 x Beef Instant Noodles
1 x Pack of Scotch Finger Biscuits
2 x Canned Tuna (Pull Ring Style)
If you want you can also include a self addressed envelope and a letter. I include my email address as well just in case they want to contact me or have something specific they want me to get for them.
Things not to send:
No Clothing, Except socks
chocolate (melts)
Magazines with naked people.You can also send a female specific care package, including feminine deo, perfume sample sachets, girly mags. All you need to do is when addressing write
“An Australian Soldier - FEMALE”
I think this is a fantastic way to help out our boys and girls, and show your support. More examples of what can be sent...Just remember it has to weigh under 2kg.
dried fruit
drinking choc (individual sachets)
easy mac
individual small cereal boxes
individual ring pull tuna cans or sachets
long life milk (small packs)
microwave popcorn
microwave rice (reject shop $2)
oatmeal (individual sachets)
pepper (individual sachets)
powdered energy drinks
salt (individual sachets)
sauces & condiments like mustard etc (individual sachets are good, ask Macca’s if you can have some and why...)
spices - to go with lamb/goat for example, rosemary, garlic, thyme, greek spices
sugar (individual sachets)
tabasco sauce
trail mix
twisties (can also be used as packing in spaces in the box)
wasabi peas
aftershave (they complain they smell)
air fresher (non aerosol sprays & the cardboard card ones)
baby wipes (bulk & travel size)
cotton buds
deodorant (non aerosol)
foot powder
hair conditioner
hair shampoo
inner soles
lip balm (chap sticks)
razors (NOT the real cheap ones like Bic! Personally I use Schick and I’d only send those, we don’t want them cutting/slashing themselves to shreds!)
shaving cream (non aerosol)
soap (normal & travel size)
socks (black & white)
tissues (medium & travel size)
toilet paper (one roll in a box)
toothbrushes (sometimes)
if female troops then add the following
female hygiene products
gel or hair spray (non aerosol)
hair ties
hairbrush (only send 1)
Misc & entertainment
blank cards (for troops to send home)
board games
board games (some marines have a wonderful photo of them playing twister)
book (try not to send romance novels)
cheap dvds please write on cover & disc in permanent marker “Aussie troops property” to avoid theft
drawing paper
footballs/basketballs (and a pump)
magazines (nothing rude)
music CDs (Please write on cover & disc in permanent marker “Aussie troops property” to avoid theft)
other sporting goods
playing cards
poker chips
sport sections of newspapers
tennis balls (if you have tennis courts nearby you can buy second hand balls cheap – I got some from the University tennis courts $1 each, Slazenger and other brands)
writing Paper
NO Alcohol to be sent to any troops

If you would like to do one for the doggies there here is the info.

 1 x box dog biscuits 
 1 x beef bone (not fresh) 
 3 x "greenies" 
 1x toy 
 1 x tennis ball 
  and don't forget a couple of 
packets of lollies for the 
The dogs do a magnificent job 
under very trying conditions 
and to date, four have lost 
their lives serving their 
The address is: 
An Australian EDD 
 Op Slipper 
 AFPO 13 
 Australian Defence Force 
This is a fantastic way to help 
out our serving soldiers, and 
show your support. What 
about getting the local kids at 
school involved and send some 
special packages from them 
there are still 4 or 5 weeks 
before they finish the year. 
Don’t just wait for festive 
seasons, our troops serve 
overseas all year long. And 
don’t forget the Navy and Air 


  1. Thats a great service, there is a similar scheme running here in England. You are right Carole, no service person should be left out from getting little gifts and kind wishes.
    Every year we try to fill a shoebox or 2 for whatever area of the world needs it. It is often for children in war zones, but I try to fill one for the Mums who must really miss having some basics that make them feel like ladies. Imagine not being able to clean your teeth or have a clean pair of undies.

  2. Yes, We do operation christmas child shoe boxes too.

    I will look into sending out to a UK service person.

    Oh LOL you wrote girly magazines....in the UK that means 'naughty' naked magazine!

    Sft x

  3. Thats really lovely its nice to think of others.
    My sister & I are doing shoeboxes this year for christmas appeal.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comforting words they are much appreciated. I am going to concentrate on myself & try & get stronger.
    Take care x x

  4. well done Carole,its good to be aware of other places that need help also

  5. Thank you so much for this info, I also buy from Tear every year but I love this idea, especially a parcel for a dog.