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Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

                            Bowls Day and Sealed Jar Challenge Pot ready to go.....

First up we had our bowls day Sunday and it was Hawiian theme,thankfully Bob did not take close ups,but it was a great day and we raised good dollars.
 All gathering ready to start,we filled all the rink with people by start time, it was hilarious really,only very few had bowled before.
 The lady in action was on our team(thank goodness) otherwise we would have had no score lol

The sealed Pot challenge is about to start so here is my glam pot!I might explain this is not a race to see who saves the most it is about saving your change for yourself and getting a nice surprise next December..
Ours will go towards going to the Uk in a few years time,so we have decided to do this for the next couple of years and see how we go.Why not do it yourself.

I have absolutely made my last cake for this year, i saw this recipe and decided to make it for our Treasures girls for our Christmas lunch.
I have done everything on the list as well as many extras I have added I am now finished all my sewing and cooking for the Christmas Challenge ,I  have our soldiers package and Summer parcel ready to go.All I need now is my Uk mail to go and do my Chrissy cards..So now its all stress free and just work,work,work!!!
I was gutted this week when the girl that helps me Tuesdays and Thursdays says  she can't do it sometimes, I am getting really tired and although I did not really get a day off as I still do the parcels,I did get a little break from driving..no matter all is good,life is going along and God has us in a good place.
The weekend ahead sees me going to our sons to watch Miss Lilli in her dance concert.The following week I am off to our daughter to see Miss Livvy and Mr William in their concert,I am busting to see these events.
Spring is ending today..Summer officially starts tomorrow..someone forgot to tell Mother Nature who has already given us days of 35 degrees plus!.


  1. Your sealed pot looks great! Mine is going to be home made too!

    Sorry to hear about your colleague. I hope you get someone else soon.

    Sft x

  2. The sealed pot is a wonderful idea - might pinch that one. The fruit cake looks delicious. I am missing out on my baking this year as my stove very recently died and we haven't replaced it yet - oh well onward and upward :0)

  3. Hi Carole we have littlies concerts to go to as well,they are so much fun,and well done with all your finishes.

  4. I like that sealed pot idea a lot!!!

  5. 'Bowls day and sealed jar challenge pot ready to go' wins my Blog Title of the decade award!