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Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day at the Office.....

 Hello little froggy,there is a family living in this mail box and not the usual green ones that were there last year,altogether there are 4...he just looked at me and I carefully put the mail and paper behind him and he did not even blink!even posed for the pic.
 This is a typical little hut that are spread around properties that are large,these little huts usually just have a fire place in them,they are almost always tin,I have seen them down in the old goldfields made of mud brick and they were rounded,I was told back in those days the chinese lived in them..but back to these.. lol as always I am off track.The workers would stay in these watching stock,probably lambing time and foaling time and probably only for a little while at a time, I imagine in the summer they would have been like little ovens and just as cold in the winter,my neighbour told me her father in law used to go stay in them and go rabbiting for a week at a time,they would just have a stretcher bed and a timber box served as a table as space was very limited, and then come home and sell the rabbits,  I imagine they are a big part of our past.
 6 little ducks went out one day.....I see duck families every day,this day though no babies...also I see the Quail families I love seeing them the babies no bigger than a cockroach,and you just imagine something is moving on the road,so if i see Mr and Mrs Quail I always stop...just in case...
 This to me signifies Australia,a bush church with a dunny out the back..if I saw this pic anywhere in the world I would know it was in Australia,the old dunny (toilet) faces the road,if they had put the door around the other side you could watch the river flowing by,perhaps thats why they did not face it that way,maybe they though people would sit and think too long lol...can you imagine!!(yes it is a drop toilet..meaning there is a seat as normal but a long drop for the business to fall lol).
 More pedestrians...cattle are real sticky beaks and they wait for me to drive right up almost touching them,give me "the look" and then move,after all I am interrupting them...
 After rain at the weekend there were several little Echidna's out in the sunshine looking for ants and insects,not often one keeps his nose out for me,it wriggles all time smelling,wonder what we smell like?the perfume we wear or he human smell...you can see the little hole in the end of his nose,I just love these little creatures,they cause no harm to anyone and when I get to see a baby that is a real blessing...
 No Mum I am not going near your baby,I tried to get a pic of a more recent born but this family see me everyday,I think Mum is thinking "O'h here's that old mail lady again".
                Mums favourite thing on the way home...see the tree at the top of the hill,its Mums chook tree,every time she is with me she says "there's the chook"..  

I did take some more of a few things in town but the camera is in the car again,as I wanted to get a pic of another little building for the interest of Cro..the Jacaranda trees  have been magnificent and purple carpet covers our little town..next time maybe...    
Have a lovely day,we heard today that Angela will be laid to rest next Tuesday,far from here,and that is Cackle Club day ,Edith will not go to the funeral,it is all too much for her so we will comfort her and have a prayer as we remember a special girl.

                Mark,Lucia and Angela taken at Edith's last Christmas , I am not being morbid but it is nice to see a pic of who someone is referring to, a sweet Angel is singing in heaven this evening and a new star shines in the sky,Mark and Lucia will name a star for Mum ,they can look up to the heavens and maybe one day Lucia will understand poor little darling.


  1. So sorry to read your posts about Angela. What a moving story. Hugs all round are coming from this side of the world to yours. You have painted a very moving tribute to such a brave and talented girl.
    Love from Mum

  2. Both the church/dunny picture and the shepherd's hut are wonderful, and as you say, they could only be in Oz. Fabulous wildlife too.

    Poor Angela... what a tragedy.

  3. Carole you write such lovely, interesting and warm posts, I am only sorry I don't get to sit more often to read them, your job seems to make you happy which is a bonus. God bless Angela and her special family.
    Big hugs

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with Mark and Lucia. I have been thinking of them a lot this past week.

  5. Sorry I didn't read this post before I commented yesterday.

    I didn't mean to cause offence.

    Sft x