Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, November 5, 2011


                                                      Secret  Little Places.

I often go to little places in our home and say to myself' geez the kids will have fun when I pass over!".

I will take you to one such spot this morning,the children think they know us completely as we think we know them, I have collected things over the years because I love them eg,hat pins,they know of them there are many bits and bobs but I never went overboard I have about 20 of them,there are also lots of things i just put away as I knew they would say "o'h Mum what do you want them for!"

This is my old singer sewing machine,she works perfectly,upon her sits some special things,far too many i think.
 My treasured Bible and a rose one of the children had on a parcel.

 Under my Bible sits a box I painted many years ago,you should never sit your Bible under anything,always goes on top,not sure where I learnt that but,a good lesson as you walk by just open the Bible bag and read a passage...well that's the plan...I am not perfect.
 Inside the box...tadahhhh my glove collection...all are vintage and older..many childrens pairs and lovely evening lace ones you name it they are in there..sorry kids..thats me!
 This is little Bob,all my tiny teddies linger in the drawers, I have made most of them and on the opposite side a little princess I made for him.Little Bob came to the Uk and Europe with me when I went he has been photographed everywhere.
Little Bobs little Princess....

Just a note if anyone has not made a teddy it is the most satisfying thing you can do,the making of them in fine mohair a pure joy,the most wonderful thing is when you do the face and they actually almost come alive.If anyone would like some mohair please let me know I have really got a lot and would be happy to share so you can have the pleasure of Teddy making.
Have a beautiful Sunday our little Mr Elijah is 6 today.


  1. Happy birthday Elijah,hope you have a great day.
    And you have wonderful treasures there Carole,the grandchildren would have a ball going through these wonderful items.

  2. Oh wow Carole - what a little treasure trove. I think your grandchildren will treasure these little bits forever, because you're their precious nana and always will be.

  3. I think we all have those little corners and I think or hope most of it will be treasured by some other family member one day.
    The teddies are so cute and no I have never made a teddy but might have to think about one now for Isabella.

  4. I love teddies. We have 2 class bears.
    One is called Jungle Joe and he has a little safari outfit and a rucksack. One is called Biggles and he has a leather flying jacket and trousers.

    The children take one home for the weekend and write in the diary about what they have been doing.

    I love your bears. Such treasures!

    Sft x

  5. You have such a lovely home and family.

  6. I love your secret little place Carole. Your home is so nice with lots of pretty things, it is very homely :)

    I have tried my hand at teddy bear making and absolutely loved it, you are right it is very satisfying.

    Happy Birthday Mr Elijah!

  7. lovely little secret place with lots to look at, cute wee teddy to.
    Thanks for dropping in and your well wishes too. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend to x x

  8. Carole. I used to have a big collection of very old kid leather gloves. Some went up to the shoulder and had buttons all the way up, others were almost like lace. I gave them to a museum that specialised in old clothes.

    I like your portrait of the queen; very flattering, even then.

  9. Happy birthday Elijah!

    I did enjoy seeing all your knick knacks Carole, thankyou for sharing. You have a delightful home xx