Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

                                      Today I am in Awe of all things Amazing...
I know this will be boring to many but like many bloggers I just write things so they are in my little journey through life.
Those that have followed me for a while know I work like a mad thing to get things for our little community and add to our little park that we built from the op shop takings.About 6 months ago the mines representative asked could he come along to our meetings to see how a 5 man band works,he kept coming back each month amazed that we move a step forward each time.I have been desperate to try and get adult exercise equipment at our park so mum and dad can do something while the children play,Matt  came to the meeting last night and announced that the mines are giving us $10,000 towards our park...what!!!! o'h how wonderful,that means we have to put the same amount in (which is exactly what we have) and the Council has promised to put the soft-fall etc in to the value of $20,000.I never thought I would see this happen...but it is not over yet,once we have this in I want a bike track at the park for the little ones to learn road safety,it is a miniature road setting and it is circular with stop signs,crossings,rail crossings,traffic lights all pretend of course but they can learn there and know what is what..but first things first as they say.This young man Matt is the liaison officer as the mines are raping our beautiful area and they are trying to make amends to us all,as most young people in our town now work at the mines it is fitting that they help us,but he is wonderful and is also going to help me with the Soldiers Care packages next year...thanks Matt for caring about us.
Last night a friend and I babysat a 92 year old while Edith our friend went to her granddaughters school presentation, Edith has Olive full time just as I have Mum and it is really important that every now and then someone comes along so that Edith and her hubby could share the joy of watching their granddaughter be presented Dux of the school and be there together.
If you know someone like us,could you offer to give them a couple of hours break and even if they went out of the home to share a coffee or do something together,it is such a small thing but the joy in their eyes when they got home was wonderful and looking after Olive was a joy,she told us to go an amuse ourselves lol how gorgeous,she said she has a good cricket score 92 not out!
I had a nice time also as Wendy and I are good friends and we rarely just sit and chat for any length of time,so as we looked after Olive we talked about this and that and I got to thinking about friendship.Friends are the people we choose to be our family,they accept us and our funny ways more than family do at times.I just think it is an under rated part of our lives,the place that friends sit is so important,to find a loyal one is like gold,there are acquaintances and there are friends,to have 1 friend is lovely but to have several is like a lottery win.
I find that to them I am always here,I am not available for the lunches and the coffee's as I work and most of my friends do not,I am not good at the long phone calls as when I get home from work Mum has to be my number one priority so therefore I loose touch a bit now and then,but they know where to find me and they do when they are in trouble and need a chat.
For the coming year I am going to make myself a little promise that I will make a short quick call to check in with them,and make sure they know how important they are to me,enough time is spent in life wishing we had,and loosing friends this year has made it all the more obvious to me that no one knows you care really unless you tell them.


  1. what a lovely little story about friendship, I am sure that your friends know how blessed they are to have you as their friend. . Wow that is great to get the exercise equipment in your park. we used to have a park like that to learn the road rules when I was little - I loved it!

  2. whow Carole what a lovely post

  3. As usual, Carole, you put us all to shame. Well done. You're a treasure.

  4. wise words as always Carole. It's easy to lose touch with the busy lives we lead.

  5. I am thrilled that the mine is helping make your dreams a reality, just proves that karma exists. I have some amazing friends, the relationships need work but what you take from them is so so special. I had a friend confide in me today in tears, quite unusual for her, but it warmed my heart that she could talk to me. You always have such words of wisdom xx

  6. Hi Carole
    Sounds like you have been touching peoples lives in different ways with your kindness & actions.
    Exercise equiptment in the park will be great we have something in the summer that goes from park to park(not a permanent fixture) called a green gym.
    You take care & thankyou for all your kind wise words x x

  7. The best thing about friends is that, even when you don't see them for a long time, it's as though you'd only been apart for a moment.
    Good luck in achieving all your goals for the park.
    Love from Mum