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Monday, May 7, 2012


                                 A Different Perspective for Mothers day.

This Sunday in Australia it is Mothers Day.It is bitter sweet in our family as I still have Mum and my daughter in law has been without her Mum now for 10 years.
I would love to say that perhaps she loves me as another Mum but I do not think that is true,however I have always tried to make no difference between my daughter and my daughter in law,on this day it is always a bit of a struggle for her so we don't usually have a gathering on that day as it is too hard for her,knowing we all still have each other and although I make sure she feels loved it is not the same,and I understand that,to be honest it is far easier to see each other on non special event days that way no one feels any pain.
However every year on Mothers day and Fathers day,I make sure that both daughter and son and their partners know that I am proud of their parenting.
I do not look for cards or presents on the days leading up to it,they are so busy working and just living,if something comes it is lovely if not then so be it.A parcel did arrive yesterday from my son and family and I have put it away until Sunday,they always call on the day and I hear their voices and that is enough for me.
For me the most important thing is for them to know that I think they are awesome,doing a wonderful job,that they know that although it is a tough job it is an honour to be a parent.That they know I love them and feel proud to have given birth to both of my children and that they know on this day it is not so much a celebration of them honouring their Mum but for me to be honouring being their Mother,so i send them a card each on those days,I buy them without verses and write my own,it is more personal that way.
Just a different outlook on Mothers Day,we will take Mum somewhere for lunch and we are asking my friend who has 2 sons but they do not seem to "look out" for her so we will share lunch with Lyn and her day will be not so long,as special days are when no one calls.
Our children will have the day with their families and go to church and they will think of Mum and me as the day goes on and we will think of them and that is what counts...how many times do we say"it's the thought that counts" and it is so true,as long as I hear their voices,know they love me,what more could a Mum want.
As I look at the adds on TV,....buy Mum a diamond,a vaccumn,a car,a holiday...what Mums want money can't buy,just a simple I am thinking of you call or a nice card,nothing else really matters.
Besides for me what can we get two 91 year olds lol so it's lunch out for Mum and a lovely card, phone call and some scratchies for Bobs Mum as she just loves them.
Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful young Mums struggling and juggling each day and well done to all of us that have finished to youthful years of parenting and now into the next generation of Grandparenting.


  1. I just love your thoughts! Our Mother's Day in the UK is in March. i cannot get up to be near my mother who is nearly 92 but my brother and his partner take her out. I tell my kids to spend the day as families even though they say come to lunch I feel itis so important for the grandchildren to learn to honour their mother. But writing a letter...now that's a wonderful thought....I wonder whether I will manage to remember that one until next March!! Joan

  2. I love your outlook on Mothers Day, I will write cards for my children this year, as Mothers Day for me, is not such a big deal...my own relationship with my mum is not worth celebrating, but I love 'being' a mum, so indeed that is worth celebrating with my own children...x

  3. Carole, such beautiful words. Like you, I detest the materialism that goes with Mothers Day. I just love some time to sit & take in the wonder of my three darlings. My MIL appreciates being included in Mothers Day with us, as she raised 4 boys on her own after her husband died young.

  4. Happy Mothers' Day to you.
    Love from your friend,

  5. Have a lovely Mothers day (we had ours in March). I am so looking forward to becoming a Granny, I may have to wait a while :-)

  6. I love the way you see Mothers Day.

    Have a delicious lunch with your Mum and cherish that lovely family of yours.


    Sft x

  7. hope you had a good mothers day xxxxxxxx