Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, May 13, 2012

                                                      Who Weeds Your Garden??????

The winter is approaching and the summer blinds gone up so we can enjoy the gorgeous sun on the verandah,it looks like Molly is waiting to see if any visitors come.

Well the winter mornings are here at last but the days are glorious and no frosts yet.Just a few pics today no ramblings.I am blessed to have Mum still with us and she is so good.Her life was her garden once she gave up work and she is a nagg...yes a nag...always telling me what needs to be done but by the time I get all the inside caught up the garden seems to be left to Bob mostly unless a weekend comes up where we can catch it up together. Anyhow this is just a few pics of the garden and the resident gardener.

 Our garden lady awaits the bulbs to bloom.
 Eva's rose,all her friends have one in our gardens in memory of a beautiful person.
 This rose just never stops blooming it is a lovely soft apricot colour and has a beautiful perfume.
 Here is the gardener,91 and a half lol she is just in her glory thank goodness someone invented walkers they make Mums life so much easier,she could not do this without it,her plastic bag is for the weeds she pulls up.
 Just has to stretch as far as she can,this was on Saturday it was glorious day,no coldish wind like yesterday.
 WE picked the petals of the orses as they smell so devine.
 Then we dried them ready to make some lovelies.


  1. I'm ashamed to say that my tiny yard is nothing to write home about....yours is lovely!MX

  2. Carole, your sweet 91 year old gardener is a marvel. You have a beautiful garden and so is Eva's rose.

  3. I loved looking at your beautiful garden photo's !Roses dont do very well here..too much humidity,so I enjoyed seeing yours :0)
    Your mum is looking wonderful Carole,I hope Ill be pulling weeds at 91 !
    The weather here has been perfect too,cool mornings and glorious sunny days! Our veranda also gettings bathed in the morning sunshine...love it.

  4. I truly hope I am still out there gardening when I am Mums age, she's marvellous!

  5. Your gardener looks happy out in the garden and she does a great job, she should be paid more:0) The last few days have been beautiful and out in the yard was the best place to be, except for yesterday.

  6. Carole, what a beautiful garden you have, I love the Garden Lady waiting for her blooms... x

  7. Gorgeous house, gorgeous garden.

  8. I think we all like a garden , the changing seasons , the perfume, the colour, Oh! that we can all still enjoy weeding at 91

  9. Your garden is lovely. What beautiful pictures. It looks like summer.
    Love from Mum

  10. Warms the cockles of my heart stopping by your blog.



  11. Your garden is so beautiful. I bet it smells lovely to. Thats lovely seeing your mum in the garden it must bring her great joy to be outside tending her patch.
    I hope the sun is stillshining take care x xx