Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, May 26, 2012

                                                  A Week full of F......'s

It has been one of those weeks,starting off last Sunday evening with Mum having a fall.
Next was that were were freezing and as I blogged about some time ago we had removed our wood fire and we miss it far more than could ever have thought possible.
Then a little bit of frivolity..I bought something because it was $2..I could not resist.

 Poor old darling Mum slipped on the floor in the bathroom...yes talcum powder and tiles do not mix,we laughed today as she saw the funny side she ended up with her head inside the bathroom cupboard!!! 5 stitches and bruises now a nice shade of yellow she is almost back to normal,she has her stitches removed on Tuesday and then the hairdresser is going to wash and do her hair,the one thing she is upset about is that they shaved some hair away..Mum certainly knows how to make sure your heart is still beating she frightened the daylights out of us.
 After Mum and Bob both groaning every night about how cold they were Mum decided last Saturday to send us to the next large shopping centre one hour away to buy a new wood fire, we had removed ours and had the ceiling repaired and sold the other one,and here is the new one,everything so beautiful and cosy and Mum happy because she really does need to have the gentle warmth the fire brings,she is happy,Bob is ecstatic and Molly has picked her spot,and me well I guess I will get used to the dust again lol I have to say because this one was installed better that will not be a problem,yes I love it too!

Now my frivolity...I love pink,I love polka dots but....I am a size 7 these are size 9..I could not leave them at the op shop $2 was the price and they will be loved by Livvy next time she visits,I have them sitting near my work area to remind me that although the week can be a bit dark and worrying there is something simple waiting to make you smile.These have not even been worn..O'h I wish I could wear them,just wish I could balance in them....How grand they are...well i guess that is a matter of taste lol.
Have a wonderful week...


  1. Very pleased to see you've returned to dust. There's nothing like a warm dusty room! Sorry to hear about your Mum; wish her well from me!

  2. Hi Carole
    Glad your mum is ok I bet that did give you all a fright. Bless her smiling in her photo to.
    The wood burner looks lovely hope you are keeping all toasty. At the moment here in the Uk the sun is out & the weather is baking hot ( something that is quite unusual!usually lots of rain).
    I love the shoes I bet you have secretly tried them on!I am sure they will be loved.
    Thinking of you all & you pop those feet up x x

  3. "although the week can be a bit dark and worrying there is something simple waiting to make you smile."

    Wise words Carole! Glad mum is OK bless her.

    I'm sending you more F's, fond wishes from your Blog friend xx

  4. Fantastic - now that everything is back to normal again.
    Love from Mum

  5. Glad your Mum is ok and a fall is a bit of a worry. The weather has been cold lately and you can't beat a fire for warmth and a nice new one at that. I love the pink shoes but unfortunately I couldnt balance in the either:0) Hope you have a better week!

  6. What a scare for your Mum, glad to hear she is on the mend... That's great that you have better heating too, nothing worse than feeling cold in your own home... x

  7. very cosy home, I loved it!
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  8. In celebration of my 3rd year and 300th post, you and your dear readers are invited to enter my anniversary give-a-way. Please hurry, the drawing will be held on Friday, June 1, 2012.

    P.S. I am LOVING the pink polk-a-dot shoes!