Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

                                                 Just a little of everything...

First of all I received my Colour swap parcel and it was just so lovely and useful,thankyou Anthea and thank you to all those lovely ladies who run the swaps and make them so much fun to do.

Here is the beautiful Macha Tor,i have never seen his sitting around before but it has been so cold and he is enjoying the sun,his little friend is back in the same paddock,the Shetland pony has always been with him but in a different place for some time now, lovely to see them together again.
 Look at that face,isn't he gorgeous he is probably thinking about Kath and how kind she was to send him a card all the way from the UK.
 This is one of the farmers I see daily,I could not get up any closer as he had a whistle in his mouth training his dogs,because the area is so vast here most farmers have 5 dogs or so helping them round up the cattle they are amazing to watch and follow whistles for orders and words I do not understand lol.
 Now our area is a horse stud area as well and many rich Arab,Irish and Chinese own huge studs where the horses are literally worth millions.Sometimes I feel sad at the changes I see but I am in awe at the same time, this side of the last farm recently purchased  was like this on both sides of the road.
 This is how the opposite side of the road  looks the enormous shed ain the distance sprung up over one weekend all the paddock is now holding yards,dozens of them,where in the furure Iwill take pics of foals that will be sold world wide for amounts of money we cannot even imagine.This particular stud has mostly Irish staff so I guess the owners are Irish .The works are no where near finished,I wish i had taken progress pics from day one for you.
 Now this is a cottage almost completed.The stud had several old cottages on it, they simply burned them to the ground, the people owning this one saw what was happening and their parents actually originally owned the stud,and this was their old  home and looked nothing like this, the family asked the stud if they could buy the house before they burnt it and they said take it away,they got it for free and gave it a new life,not quite finished but looks lovely,what a waste there must have been many people that would have taken the other homes,it makes me sad that when  lots of money is involved it becomes easy comes easy goes.
Look here,Mum shows me little miss Cloe,he last puppy from the last litter,they are jack Russel dogs and a breed many farmers choose for their house pup.The Mum is such a beautiful natured dog and looks like little Cloe will be the same.


  1. It all looks very beautiful, especially the J R puppy.

  2. lots of lovely photos Carole. I was happy to see my "pen friend" again LOL
    I used to keep horses and I loved to see them laying in the sun.

  3. Hi Carole
    Your parcel looks so lovely.
    The house that was moved looks fantastic. I am glad the people were allowed to take it away & give it love & tlc they did an amazing job . The doogies are so cute
    I hope you are taking it easy . xx

  4. Looks like a lovely swap.

    We too are so pleased that the cottage was saved. As you say it's so wasteful to just destroy them.

    I love Jack Russells so the doggies were a great treat. And what a beautiful horse.

    Big hugs to you all. Hope you're all feeling ok.

    Sft x