Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, May 20, 2012

                   I'm on my way from Australia to Egypt on Wednesday..uhh haa uhh haa(trying to sing it to the tune of the  Pretenders lol)well I tried.

This is not really for comment just for a record and for the Quilt ladies who take a great interest in us as we do with the Aussie hero Quilters.

There are 25 young Australians in Egypt at the moment as so we thought they all deserved a Care Package so they are all done but the sticky tape and will be posted Wednesday.
Most of the contents are from cash donations made to me through a dance group and the Veterans Corps Inc that gives me money for the Afghanistan boxes.

On the outside of the boxes we mark if for male or female and I always write under that a simple.. Because We Care.
Each box also contains a little letter when I send ones personally from me I put a personal note in but here is a sample of the letter from the dance group and I just adjust it when ever I need to.(O'h of course I do it in a nice font ) lol.

We want to express our gratitude to you, our serving troops for all you are doing for us at home.This is a small way that we can say thank you.
A group called Veterans Corps Inc. has a raffle once a week and gives me money to put packages together,also a little group called Aberdeen Community Caring inc. gave me a donation as well.With this I have put together packages for you,just little things that may make your day brighter.
We send packages to Afghanistan and just last week learned that you were in Egypt so our first thoughts were to get a package to you all.
So enjoy,and know there are ordinary people in an ordinary town thinking of extraordinary people serving their country every day.
We send you our prayers,love and an abundance of blessings for your safety and return when it is time for you to come home.
If there is anything special any of you may need do not hesitate in letting me know,we will endeavour to do our best for you.
So stay safe,stay healthy and never feel that you are not appreciated.
Yours in friendship across the miles.

 Like hungry little birds the boxes wait to be filled.....
Here we are all filled up waiting to be packed neatly checked and addressed..this is all done now 25 ready to go.These will be posted on Wednesday.Hope they enjoy them they deserve them so much.
That's about it really..Please think of a soldier today,say a little prayer,just a moment of your time for they are giving you their lifetime.


  1. That's just wonderful. Every blessing to you all in this endeavour ! Joan

  2. the letter is just lovely! I thought you were taking them in person when I read the first line LOL

  3. I have been reading of our soldiers in WW1 as I have been working on a family tree today, todays armed forces do as well today as they did way back then , Your humanity shines through in your letter, Blessings my friend.

  4. Gorgeous post Carole! Love the letter you include!

  5. God Bless you, Carole! I am sure the heartfelt appreciation expressed in the note means as much or more to the recipients. Hugs!

  6. They are such a wonderful gift to send to them and each box would be greatly appreciated.

  7. how lovely I am sure it will really make there day to let them know they are being thought of , how nice & kind of you all x x