Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, September 24, 2011

                                                                Catching up

First of all Livvy's concert was wonderful, the first thing we saw was a huge sign..."no videos or photos allowed" buggar!!!! so until the school puts some out I do not have any,apparently it is to do with privacy laws and common now..ho humm ...

I have also finished my spring cleaning, no more fire to be lit now, we have to use the electric one if we have a cold snap( like today) lol once the ashes and dust have been washed away thats it!!Everything is twinkling clean...well for now anyway.

The caravan is all packed ready for next weekend and we just have the perishable food to go in...
And then  this is what we did today....made strawberry jam...fresh bread, juiced many oranges and did roast lamb and vegies in the Webber yumm...and also cooked rhubarb and apple for Mum to have tonight..
Here are a few pics,and I finished my knee rug I was making,all the others I have done have been nice and square and flat and this time I wanted a frill.Not sure if it is better but Mum loves it.

 I forgot to mention I was in a friends swap so my package above has been posted.
 We have bought a bike each to go with us when we go away in our van, these are fantastic and fold up into a bag! of course we have to practice down the back lane lol..
 Not too wobbly, just a bit we had a few giggles.
 Fresh Strawberry Jam awaiting fresh bread!
 Freshly squeezes oranges and Mums rhubarb and apple.
 Got too impatient for the bread so had some scones..notice no cream...there will be next time lol
Here is my rug just finished today,Molly looks like she likes it too,thanks for modelling Mum.

So that's my week, I am still trying to put a new blogger on top to get rid of the tag, I am following Bernard's idea for the moment...hope it works.
I have at last fixed it I think I put a new pic up, the tag is still there(the brand of blog I used) but now it does not worry the text.


  1. what a wonderful post Carole and boy you have been busy,lots of goodies there,i am posting my friends parcel tomorrow also.Love your blanket that your mum is modeling,pretty colours,have a fantastic holiday you two and have fun Carole,xoxox

  2. Gosh, your house is so beautiful. Enjoy your holiday. Bisou, Cro.

  3. Cro it is just a little old Aussie home, considered just that and "old house" by the young they all have these sprawling brick huge homes, Australians have apparently the largest in the world,guess our land blocks are big,but to us it is ours and so therefor we love it,thanks Cro.

  4. So glad your grand daughter's concert went so well Carole. Like Cro says - Have a fantastic holiday. PS - Wish my house was twinkly clean xx

  5. The blanket is so very lovely.

    Enjoy your bike riding.

    Lil Bit Brit

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