Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, September 5, 2011

                                                      Grateful List...

I read a lot and hear a lot about one good way to be content and feel complete is to be aware of a grateful list in our lives.
I think we all do this everyday of our lives without saying"Iam grateful",but I think there are definitely times we need to.... stop....listen...observe....and breathe.

At the weekend I had many of these moments looking at the grandchildren and my son and daughter.mostly at the children as they are growing at a rate of knots I almost cannot keep up with.Alex the oldest is almost as tall as PaPa,and William the youngest not so naughty now he is a big boy",all the joy of them all being together was written on their little faces and I will remember that imprint for all time.
Another unforgettable time was in the pics below,the small boys all got blow up swords and spikey balls on handles and of course William is still a larakin and he does so love his Great Nanna and I guess the pictures tell the story of why he does.

                                                          Good shot Great Nana
William thinks they should change weapons,Great Nana kept beating him!


  1. lol,lol, great post Carole,and well done great nana

  2. oh what fun, and lovely for the kids to have a Great Gran they can enjoy too.

  3. Just delightful!
    "larakin" what a fabulous word, I have never heard it before :-D

    Hope you're feeling a bit more rested now Carole x

  4. Hi Carole
    Seem such a long time since I last visited (missing in action also) as I have said before how lucky to still have Great Nanna and I agree stop and count our blessings I try to be thankful but sometimes......forget. Love the pictures something to treasure.