Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

                                              Do  you have Someone Lonely Nearby?

As we are the postman and parcel lady and country parcel lady, we seem to know all those who are lonely and have no family to visit or bother to visit..there are far more of these people than one would think...very sad.
Last week Bob took the mail to old Bill who in fact is only in his 50s,he always sits on the verandah,he only gets bills never "mail" from anyone.Over the time Bob has known him he has told him he has no family, no friends just himself and he likes it like that.
There are many like this and over the years Bob  makes sure that they "see: him and he just keeps a quiet eye on them same as for me I the bush, I have a few that I like to "see" around to make sure all is well in their isolation.
Bills home is right on the main highway so he can sit and watch the traffic and that's where all the towns people see him.
Last week Bob had not seen him for a few days,so he asked the neighbour has they seen him and they said"yes on Sunday we saw him". It got to Friday and Bob felt worried and called the police,when they came they found Bill dead in his bedroom,they felt he had been there for a week.
All alone poor man, no one to care he has gone except the postie,Bob believes that he should have gone around there last Sunday and just knocked but you can;t go back and he may have been ok then who knows.The sad thing is that although the neighbours and the garage across the road where he got his milk and bread did not think to even pop over to check when his usual routine was broken.
I imagine the reason Bob is so loved by the lonely and elderly is that he takes the mail right to their door and knocks to make sure they are alright and when Bill was not on the verandah on Monday he wished he had done this but the volume of mail was so huge that he was rushed off his poor old feet.He looks after many elderly ladies in that they cannot get to the path to their mailboxes anymore.He is the only person that many see regularly and so if anything is amiss it is usual the postie that alerts someone.
Can you spare a thought today for someone that you know is alone, maybe just call out as you pass by and hear their answer,there is no need to commit yourself to having to spend time chatting if you are busy ,like I say just call out and await their reply,if there is none just investigate,they may have fallen and broken a limb or something nasty.
I hope that if i am alone when i am at the "certain age" we have a caring postie to take Bobs place.


  1. Poor Bill - wasn't that sad that no-one except your Bob bothered to check on him. Lovely caring posties, both of you.

  2. what a sad story Carole,love how you have put a pic of your lovely home at the top,that fixed the tag,lol.
    There is a lesson to be learnt in your story Carole,thankyou and have a great day.

  3. You two are angels :) It is really sad that we find it uncomfortable to call in on strangers just to check they are OK. What a good thing if we could get that back into our daily lives.

  4. That's a very sad story; to die alone must be devastating.

    I had an aunt who committed suicide. Her next door neighbours phoned us one day to say that bottles of milk and newspapers were piling up outside her front door. We drove the 60 miles to find her dead... the next door neighbours hadn't even thought to knock on her door!

  5. Ahhh that is a sad story, what a lovely job you both have and how much you must be appreciated!
    Heather x