Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, September 29, 2011

                                                      Friends Swap and Happy Days

I received my friends swap package yesterday and Illene was so generous with her lovely package to me.
I am not sure who enjoys the swap parcels more Mum or me she gets so excited when we open them, I never open one without her,many times she claims some items for herself lol.Thanks you again Illene and all the girls that joined in seemed to have a lovely time.

F..fabric..R..runner..I.. inspirational Xmas placemats,E.. embroidery threads and chocolateN.notebook and nail file,D..decorative candle holder..S..Stationary...just all so lovely I was blessed thats for sure.

We are off very early in the morning for our first caravan adventure we are all packed ,the van is parked out front plugged into power so the fridge is really cold to travel.We are just going 3 hours away(for Australia it is just a morn drive lol) that way coming home Monday is not such a long drive that we will feel like we have not been away.We are going to a little fishing place called Manning Point and it is actually just near where I grew up,I still have school friends there and we will pop in and see my best friend from school (if the fish are not biting) lol...hope we at least get a bite!
Anyhoo I will look forward to reading what everyone has been up to when I get back,we have made a concious decision not to have a TV in the van, we have a book each and I have my embroidery in case of emergency and no computer but because Mum is so elderly we will take our mobile for emergency only such as letting the kids know we have arrived safe etc.
We have our bikes on board,fishing gear and plenty of food,some nice wine and ..what more can I say...bring on Saturday 5am!


  1. Carole what a lovely swap parcel,lucky you.
    Oh this holiday sounds just perfect,have fun

  2. Have a fun weekend, I hope the weather gets better for you.