Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


                                         A Couple of new Bits

At the weekend at our event we had stalls and one was for Red Cross,the lady knows I love jugs and pink ones especially,just the old type you see in church halls etc,we eat off this Meakin ware everyday but I am slowly adding to it we have bits and pieces and I it know it is as common as muck but I just love it.Maybe because it is like me,it is durable and almost everywhere you go lol,it is welcoming and warm,hopefully like me and I like the pink because it is soft like me on the inside I do not show my pain and sorrow but just keep on going...mostly...sometimes just like china we develop a crack and we have a day where we cannot hide it any more.
That was yesterday for me,a young girl came into our Cackle Club and wanted to inquire about the hall hire as she wants to start classes,we had a lovely chat,then just as she was about to go I asked how old her little ones are now and as she is a friend of the past of my son and his wife I was interested,she then said"I can't believe Mick and Kirsty have been married 13 years..it was on Facebook yesterday".
My mouth would not close I left the hall with my mobile and rang my Daughter In Law straight away and when I heard her voice I could not stop crying,in all those years she had only seen me cry at the births and the passings of family,this girl has given me some sad times long ago and I was afraid this would take me back there...she was wonderful and settled me down,it is me that usually has a card and money for a nice dinner in the mail and that reminds them its their anniversary! but she knew we had been so very busy and said it was ok...but it is not you know..family comes first but i literally had been feeling so unwell and just plodding along that this was the outcome...
I will be fine my doctor tried to catch me all last week to triple my Thyroid meds for a month,if we are still in this mess then I am off to a specialist..I am looking forward to feeling normal ,things are catching up...it was a shock to find I was not superwoman..I thought I was just that I had not bought my outfit yet lol.My Daughter In Law rang last night so concerned for me, I know they are so worried and that she gave me a lecture so I have learnt a lesson,no matter how busy I am look at the diary! lol no really I am going to slow down a little,the sad thing is that it is my job wearing me down and I can't leave as we work for ourselves...34 months to go to retirement!
WHAT A WINGER...ENOUGH YOU SAY?OK..back to where I started but I digressed.

 This is the egg holder I got off the stall,we usually just have them in cartons and I loved this although usually not a pottery person.
The latest little pink jug,I seem to be mad about jugs I have quite a collection now ans until the kids pointed it out I did not realise how many,someone's got to love them....yes?
I apologise for my rambling up higher but the nice thing about blogging invisible friends don't say "I told you this would happen" lol .
Then I may be speaking too soon lol...have a beautiful day I am praying mine will be sweeter than yesterday.Bless you dear blog friends.


  1. have faith Carole and take each day at a time and remember you are surrounded by good things,focus on them and not the bad,you are a lovely person and are surrounded by people who care and love you,you have a good day today and take care.oxoxxo ps i love that jug

  2. Look after yourself Carole; good health is really all we have, and we must defend it. I prescribe more YOU TIME. Bisou, Cro.

  3. I understand but be kind to yourself xxx

  4. There are times when we all forget things, and it sounds as though you have had enough to worry about lately. Take care.

  5. Hi Carole
    Dont be to hard on yourself, I have a story that will make you feel better :o) on Sunday I called my son who was due to be in court on the Monday 5.9 I spoke to him for about 15 min then said goodbye, later in the day I checked my Facebook and discovered that it was his Birthday that day !!!!!! and I had forgotten !!!! I guess I was more concerned about his court case and how it would go, He did forgive me by the way but my heart almost broke when I realised.
    We are none of us perfect.
    So now I hope you feel a bit better :o)
    I have a dicky Thyroid also.....