Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, September 4, 2011

                              Not Missing in Action just Busy and now Exhausted.

I have not blogged for a week or more as the lead up to our Big Boys Toy day was approaching Bob and I hardly had time to scratch.
We hold the annually for the men as the women have their Quilt Fair and we are the same committee of 3 that does it all.

Our son and 2 boys came on Friday night to stay and helped us set up in the frost at 6.30am,and then our daughter arrived with her 3 beauties and helped on the day and to pack up.
We had over 2,000 people through and all the money of $2 entry goes to running the Information Centre that we also control.
So leading up to this day no crafting was done, no special cooking, plenty of getting a collectors stall ready,and buying lolllies from a wholesaler for a lolli stand...lol the grandchildren sent me broke! rides,lollies snow cones.....glad I have another year to save up before it all happens again.
The pics show Eden and Elijah,the other children had not arrived and their daddy took the pics,lovely little grandsons that had the time of their lives.

                                                      Eden on left and Elijah

                                                             Eden on the slide.
Eden on the bungee run, you are tied to a harness and run for your life,when you stop you are snapped back, I do not thing they have ever laughed so much, at the end Kate our girl and Micko our son had a race it was hysterical,Alex her eldest filmed it on his ipod,I can't wait for him to email it to me.
I did not want bore you all with more cars trucks bikes boats etc but there were so many,I actually did not get to see them we were busy on our stalls.


  1. Carole what a great day and the weather looks spot on,the boys look like they are having a ball,nice post Carole

  2. I agree , having a fun day with the grandchildren is a memorable occaison, My mother always said there will be more coming next week and money was made round to go around , broke but happy that;s the clue to enjoying life.

  3. Nice to see you back.Love the boys name my nephew is Elisha and my eldest grandaughters middle name is Eden,

  4. I want the little silver car (the one below the Jeep)!

    When do you get to relax, and do nothing?