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Friday, June 18, 2010

Beads, Lace and Pearls makes a little lady

                                   This pic is not very clear so it is hard to see all the little pink beads etc,but I am sure you will get the idea.

This is one of the little brooches that I make.Every one is individual and such a joy to do. I am sorry that the pic does not do her justice ,I took several pics and Bob took 4 and this one was the best one.
These litttle ladies are made from vintage hankies that I collect from op shops, garage sales etc. they usually have little holes in the middle etc but the lace and corners are  intact and that is when a little lady is born, the beauty of them is that you can do it while watching TV or listening to music or just have some time to sit awhile and so something joyful.
The corner sections are what you need, cutting each corner about 2 or 21/2 inches so that you have lace on 2 sides(does that make sense lol) hope so,so what you have is a square that has 2 sides with lace.With the lace making a v shape iron the plain sides to meet the inside edge of the lace with a small hem folded under,make a small slit in the straight edge,this is where her head will go.Stitch the edge down along the lace edge.Gently with some filler and a crochet hook or a bobby pin, stuff the little triangle pillow you have now made till it is nice and full .
To make the head use some of the left over hanky fabric or any  similar fabric in white or cream I usually use another hanky(new even) and dip it in cold tea to colour lightly for a skin tone. To get the head I put my pointer finger on the fabric I have coloured and folded in 2 and draw around it and then cut out allowing for a little seam, as it is done by hand it can be whatever you are comfy with. when you have stitched around the head, stuff it with filler and then place it in the slit you left on the body and stitch it in.
Now you can have fun,you can do her hair with beads,anything pretty, my faces I do with fine point permanent marker in black and red for her lips. Then I put little beads, buttons whatever you feel like to make them look sweet,tiny bullion roses look lovely also,and stirngtiny pearl beads to make her a necklace.
On the back stitch a brooch catch and then she is done.

I also do a similar thing with round doilies to make lavendar ladies but with them you just fold a doily in half and stuff her with filler and lavender and do her head in the same manner(but much larger ),I usually only use damaged doilies and where their faults are do beading and different things and use buttons overlapping for their hair,I have given them all away at the moment so do not have a pic.
This is just a little poject that you can pick up and put down any time and they could even be used to decorate cards etc if you wanted.Just thought I would share with you.


  1. I love little projects that I can pick up and carry with me and I always fall for a "lady" I can dress up. Wouldn't this make a nice pin cushion? She is so pretty!

  2. Delighful, I was thinking what a cute christmas decoration she would make.

  3. Hi Carole. Your little lady is so cute. I agree with Kath - lovely Christmas tree decoration. You are very talented. I don't have a lot of time to sit these days - it's our longest day today and was light at just after 4 am this morning. We had a lot of rain and now sunshine so you can imagine what the weeds are like! Hope your friends have a wonderful holiday over here. How brilliant that they're visiting Shrewsbury - what a small world! Take care. Love Molly xx