Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Work...A Place to Rest the Soul.
( A Local B&B that I pass each day)

Some people wake up with dread that they have to face another day at work! For me the last 2 months have been a waiting game as I had to reapply for my contract for another 5 years,yesterday we heard we were sucessful so i am sharing part of my day with you.As a Rural mail contractor my job works so well with our lives,because I can take my Mum with me and I know she is safe and she just loves it,especially at lambing time and foal season as we live in a horse stud area.

On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I am home by 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays I am home by 10am.
My day starts at 7am,I leave home get fuel in the car,go to the little op shop that I co ordinate do a check,see if the girls have left me any notes to take care of,then off to the pie shop to get 2 iced buns( for Mum and I to have on the way home from our 21/2 hour trip),then to the newsagent to collect the newspapers as I deliver the country people their paper as well as their mail,then to the post office to sort the mail.By 8.30 I am on my way.

(one of the many flooded areas at the moment,this is usually a little waterfall)
We see some amazing sights from beautiful Wedgetail Eagles hunting for food,gorgeous native parrots not to mention all the other animals and scenery.

We stopped so that William could look at this Echidna,the grandchildren love to come with me when they visit.

No mail for today for the four farms up this track, we have had amazing rain after drought time and they do not mind at all!!

The long and winding road this is 3 klms from my last stop of the day then we turn round and come all the way back(eating our buns lol)

There are always lots of kangaroos ,it is raining very heavy in this pic so it looks misty, they are such sticky beaks they stand and watch as we drive by,I have been lucky never to have hit one up to this point,we love seeing them and it is as if they are old friends,when their Joey's are big enough they come out of the pounch and check us out too.
Thank you for sharing my day.


  1. What an interesting day you have no 2 days would be the same :0)
    A country drive every day would be so enjoyable and would not feel like work.

  2. Thanks for sharing your day with us. What an amazing place you live in, it seems so far removed from my daily routine. It must be wonderful to be so close to nature and to see kangaroos in the wild is fantastic. You are so lucky to have a job that fits so well around your commitments.
    Ann x

  3. How blessed you are to have such a fabulous job ... hours that work well for your family, and a BEAUTIFUL drive everyday!

    Blessings to you and yours,


  4. Thoroughly enjoyed sharing your day with you. We have just visited my step-daughter 25 kms from Bowral - very similar country. It is raining here in the north of New Zealand as I write.