Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, June 3, 2010

                                   Totally whacked but crickey its worth it!!!

140 showbags waiting to be given out to the elderly,containing info brochures,chocolates,chips,chemist sample bags and much more.

       Only 2 more sleeps until our annual Seniors country Fair.To say I am totally worn out is an understatement so much so I was in tears this morning. So overwhelmed by how much more there is to do.
Now it is evening and my partener in crime( another committee member,there are only 5 of us!) came to help me sort prizes so now it is all done.

140 Showbags are filled with goodies, prizes galore are wrapped and prettied up, the Golden Goose(a stuffed toy sitting on  20 plastic eggs all its little plastic eggs filled with wonderful surprises( vouchers, cash all sorts everything a pensioner is in need of) the chocolate wheel prizes are ready.Mind you my home is no longer my own but will be come Saturday.I go to all the local businesses and ask for donations for prizes,for the larger things.
All the other prizes are donated by our wonderful little township, it never ceases to amaze me and bring me to tears, in our 5th year people still surprise me, on Thursday Bob went out to get the paper and there on my verandah were 12 little packages in gold paper and red ribbon, no note (there are fairies in my garden I am sure) how amazing is that,I am in awe and so proud to be part of my little community.

Quilts are made by my little Cackle Club each year ,we give a lady and a gent one, we chose someone who is lonely or been ill or quietly goes around doing things for others without any fanfare,to see their face when their name is called out is pricelss.

So roll on Seniors Country fair day we are ready for you!!
We will have a wonderful day of spoiling our seniors in our town, the local high school cook a beautiful lunch and games abound,and it does not cost our lovelies a cent.

These are just some of the prizes, all donated and there are literally hundres of them,thank you Aberdeen you are wonderful.
I will try to get some pics of some happy faces on the day.
I am so lucky my husband supports and helps me,he drives a bus to collect those unable to drive and then takes them home at the end of the day layden with their prizes.
Bob and I are both of the age where we can attend our event and take part but it is too much fun doing it for others maybe in another 5 years we will sit and play!
Have a blessed couple of days,thanks for reading my meanderings.


  1. Hello Carole! What a wonderful community person you are. I know how much your pensioners will welcome your generosity and kindness. Well done! You are a beautiful role model for your community and a great asset. I hope you and Bob enjoy the day. Will your mum go along with you?

  2. What a lot of prizes and yes you will be pleased to have your house back :0)
    Your community of seniors will forever thank you for all the hard work you put into their special day.

  3. Thanks Deb and Rhonda...Yes Rhonda Mum will be there lol everytime I wrap something beautiful I say to her "you have to win this " and last year she won a butchers voucher she says she is not lucky but she is still here at 89 so I think that is very lucky.We are waitng for the bus to come and load up to take all the things to the school,do you know we fill a bus!!! isn't that lovely.Thankyou so much both for your lovely words I appreciate it especially at strwess time lol xx

  4. What a wonderful way to bring happiness to others!
    You will be blessed 10 fold Im sure :0)
    I hope the day goes well,then have a little rest!!

  5. My oh My!

    You say how blessed you are by the generosity of your community ... it looks to me like your community is blessed to have you!

    Praying you all have a WONDERFUL celebration,

  6. Well done. I just hope others will be as generous when your time comes to be the recipient. I'll keep my fingers crossed for fine weather.

    Bisou, Cro.