Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, June 17, 2010

O'h Peaceful Sleep Where Art Thou.

I have no pics today,just thoughts and obervations.It is winter here and we have not had many frosts yet but lovely cold crisp nights when you pull the lovely soft blankets and fluffy doonas up,we both share the love of cotton sheets all year round,so that when you get all warm you can sneak your foot over to a cold spot and quickly pull it back lol wondering "why did I do that"!.
 It  is 5am and I quietly paddle out as I am always first up for my quiet time before Mum and Bob surface, this is my Blog and business email time and that lovely first cuppa,it tastes so different to any other that you may have in a day.In our back room ,there in the corner is a glowing wood fire,the room is so cosy ,I am bare footed on slate floors,how blessed are we,to have a warm safe haven,I pray for those who are homeless or just cold for lack of heating.
I have a lovely friend that does volunteer work for me at our towns little op shop,she was telling me yesterday that last winter their gas heater got a leak,so her husband Frank threw it out,and did not replace it. So this year she has no heating,she has a hot shower and then races to her couch and wraps up in a quilt her daughter made her, these people are almost 70.He is a narky old fella and I was thinking of her today and was wondering if we are getting too soft as many years ago this is what it would be like for everyone!

As my day starts so does the worry of children. Why did they have to grow so fast, I needed more time to teach them life skills that I was still learning as they flew the coop lol.
When we wanted to start a family,we think of the lovely little baby not the soon to be adult.We have just 2 children and feel so blessed with them,but when they have their daily struggles you can't help but be concerned for them, even though you cannot fix everything you just wish you could.
I imagine that many of us have restless sleeps over our children and their children,being from a broken home myself all I ever wanted was for my two to have Mum and Dad for all their growing years and we have had a good strong marriage,(with hiccups on the way) but we are at the September of our lives and would not want to be anyewhere else.After talking with my DIL last night I thought I should come clean and say that it has not always been rosey as they all think it is and the bar they think they need to aspire to is very high.So warts and all we had a chat and now she knows that theirs is quite normal,same as for our daughter we had this chat some time ago as she was a little discontented.We are of a generation that when things got tough we dealt with it in the home and did not share,I would never had let my mum think I was anything but blissful, thank the Lord that our kids can ring up and have a grumble, I may not be able to fix things but I can always listen and give advice ONLY when I am asked.
I just wonderwhen will I stop worrying about them as it has been going on since the day they were born!! lol and when will I fall into bed into a wonderful peaceful slumber to awaken and it is morning Yayyy I had a great sleep!
Thanks for listening.


  1. The weather is cool and I think we are getting a little soft instead of rugging up we put on heating of some sort. Years ago it was add another jumper, jacket or whatever first. I am like you with my boys, we never argued in front of them and my DiL said one day after my Son and her had a fight that she has not known parents that don't fight or argue (like hers did). I told her that we did fight and argue but not in front of the kids or anyone else for that matter. I was from a broken home too and id not want my boys to grow up with only one parent or step parent. I do worry about them constantly what they are doing and how things are going in their lives.......I just want them to have happy lives (which they do) but I still worry about everything :0)

  2. As mothers it is our job to worry about our children lol. I have four, three girls and a boy, 29, 26, 23 and 14 yo. I think we do this our whole lives. My mother and father in their 70's still worry about me, so it never leaves us, I guess it gets easier as they get older and move on with their lives. I have been lucky with my children, they have found their life partners and are all happy so what more could I ask, their happiness is what is important. I worry the most about my 26 yo daughter as she is living a long way from home in Melbourne. She loves where she lives but I worry for her.

    I think we feel the cold more because we are not as active as our earlier generations. It was 14C here the other day, I kept busy all day and didn't feel it until I sat down to rest! Just my opinion though. I have a lovely warm log fire which is way more than a lot of people have. In our local paper yesterday there was an article about the shortage of blankets being donated to charity. There are people out there really struggling with no heating because they can't afford it with the rising costs of everything. They battle just to feed themselves. So sad....

    Have a great day,


  3. Hi Carole, I am so glad you found me! You have an interesting blog and a new follower (me). So you made your first batch of soap, great! You will love it and so will your friends. Carole, being a mother, you would not be normal if you did not worry about your young'uns. :)

  4. I think we have very cossetted lives compared with my Grandma. She told me once that they were so poor when the family was very young, that they could not afford a cooker. She simply cooked her meals over the open fire in the sitting room and they took a warm brick wrapped in an old cloth, up to warm their beds.
    You sound like a wonderful mum Carole, I'm sure your children feel very much loved.