Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

 What a Wonderful World Full of Smiles.

To say that our Seniors country fair was a great day is an understatement,there were smiles all around all day long.
I am so proud of the school children and their patience and time they gave to our elderly.
All you could hear all day was chattering and laughter as they played games they had not played for years,knock em downs,skittles,so many things to do outdoors, inside they played trivia,had Chocolate wheel spins,bingo,hidden characters under their chairs too much to mention.
The King and Queen of Aberdeen were both shocked at being chosen and they were well deserved,
the Queen Joan White is 82 years young and still organises War Widow bus trips.The King also in that age group sings at our Anzac Day service,helps anyone he can, he is not in great health so he was really chuffed.
I do not have any really good pics yet( still  waiting for the kids to get them to me) but this is a front page of the school little newsletter that came out today.
Yes I am embarassed to say that is me in the lilac hat, sitting on one of the thrones with the headmaster john Tobin on the other as we were about to announce the king and Queen.Don't Tweedle dee and Tweedle Dum look wonderful a Mum made their outfits.The last pic is of the King and Queen with grins as wide as any ocean.
I found that there are so many kind people in this world,both young and aged,for a whole day I did not hear a strong word spoken, a sad or angry face and I thought " God is so good",he has made it possible for us to bring the generations together and the whole town together if it can be for a day why not all the time.BUT the world is moving at a fast pace and the days will go on and the pressures of life will sneak in,people will get impatient as they walk behind an aged person and can't get past so they will push and jostle,a hard of hearing oldie will try to hear what is being said and there will be sharp tongues as we repeat our words over and over,and then there is the same story told over and over ..and ...you know if we listen very carefully it will be something we not only need to hear but it is something that lovely older person needs to say.
In your everyday life STOP,LISTEN,MOVE SLOWLY,SMILE,GIVE OUR AGED FRIENDS SOME TIME,for when we were little children they did all of that for us.
Remember most of all we will be old one day and it is not that far away, I hope that someone will take the time for me.
God Bless our Seniors for they are us a generation on.


  1. Well done. This was the first year I'd been invited to our village 'oldies' free lunch, so I understand all the hard work involved.

    Greetings from France. Cro.

  2. You and all the volunteers do a wonderful job Carole. I do wish I could of been there to help.
    Bless you.

  3. You've worked so hard, but wasn't it all so worth it Carole. Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all. You look ultra posh in your hat.