Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweet Slumber,Eternal Rest

Yesterday our darling Eve started her final journey to her eternal resting place.Her last wish was that her ashes be scattered at Portshead  near Bristol and her daughter Sara flew out from Sydney yesterday with Eve safe in her onboard luggage.
It seems so final now as we had the service last year and all the grieving but now it is like it has just happened and I know we can't go and place flowers for her as she will be so far away,but I am so happy that at last Sara can do what we all promised.There were to be 3 of us take Eve home but Margy was asked by her son to go to Egypt in September and I have my Mum full time and at 89 I could not leave her.We are not breaking a promise, Eve never knew we would all go but we thought we would be able to support Sara.For the last year Eve has sat in Saras sewing room overlooking all her projects,sounds morbid I guess but  Sara knew Eve would love being plonked there.
We all do some very wierd things I guess and the most out of character for me was we dicided to take Eve to lunch the day we picked up her ashes, so Sara toddled along with Eve in her beautiful box in her bag and Margy, Sara Eve and I had lunch at Eves favourite place and we talked about all the fun things we had ever done,lots of laughter and tears that day.
When I took Eve back to England to say goodbye to her siblings 2 years ago we did all her bucket list of wishes but 1. She had not been back to London since she was a child and so dearly wanted to go but her family thought it was not wheelchair friendly so we did not get to go. Sara rang me the night before she left and said, I think I will take mum to London before we sacatter her ashes..What!! yes she is going to take her to London and on the "Eye". well I thought the lunch was crazy but as Eve would say "bring it on Sara".
Bon voyage our darling and rest in peace for eterinity.


  1. Carole - what a wonderful moving story. I can just see Eve in heaven waiting for you all and when she is united with you again saying, 'Where the hell have you been, I've been waiting ages!' Love Molly xx

  2. Hi
    Thanks for lovely message and pleased to 'meet' you. I will follow you too
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  3. Hi Carole, what a beautiful story. I find great comfort in your lovely comments on my blog and I thank you. I still natter to my dearly departed and imagine what they would be saying to me in return! Yep strange but comforting too.
    Love and hugs to you dear.
    Deb x

  4. Dear Carole! Thank you for visit my blog and lovely comments.I am your newest follower.
    Best wishes from Biljana (Europe):)