Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, August 11, 2011

                                     Water! At last a refreshing drink.

I don't know what your town water is like, ours is simply disgusting,full of chlorine and other things unknown.
When you notify council the seem to think that's a refreshing drink lol.
The shower heads have a build up of white substance around them,tap washers are always being changes,so imagine your stomach!
So be done with it all,we bought a water purifier.
On our last visit to Bobs Mums we took her for a drive into the hinterlands and we came upon a potters home,the wife made the  pottery purifiers and the daughter made the gorgeous potted animals  and birds,you could order whatever you wanted, the husbands painting were just wonderful.We came away with nothing but Bob really wanted to order one with frogs.
Three weeks later I rang them and they remembered us and we ordered a green tone one with frogs,when it arrived we were thrilled. So here it is.

 The green is lovely and just look at those frogs,they make me smile everyday.
I just love the way they look at us lol and we have never drank so much water,it is the best thing we have bought for a long time,and no its not a novelty we have had it about 5 months now and we never drink from the tap.


  1. The water purifier is lovely Carole - love the colour and the detail! We have our own borehole which you would think would be brilliant - but it isn't - it contains sulphur and we have to put it through two lots of filters and have to have tank cleaning sessions about 4 times a year - can't win can you!

  2. Great idea and yours is particularly attractive :]

  3. Practical and a talking piece that gives fresh water, just what does that taste like , so long ago I can't remember. Some days our water is like drinking white king.

  4. I wonder what 'white king' is!

    Ours is direct from a spring. It's pumped up to a water tower, then direct to our taps. I drink about 2 litres each day.