Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

                               First a huge thankyou to Shez for my lovely parcel from the Tilda swap.

 My parcel arrived all lovely and wrapped with wool and silver paper.

Shez made this lovely tea pot cosy from a Tilda book.

 Lady bug patty cake holders,very apt as I have many lady bug items but I never think to mention them.
 A lavender fabric pear..just lovely.
 Serviettes as this was actually a Tilda tea party swap.
What about these amazing flower lights,I will have to fight the grand daughters to keep these,o'h and there was lollies too, thank you again Shez for a lovely package and card. I have yours made now and it will be in the mail next week.


  1. you are very welcomed Carole i enjoyed making these things for you and i am glad that you like them,it was a fun swap and Cat is going to have a xmas tilda swap later in the year,i cant wait for that one.oxox