Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

                                                          Thankyou Lyndel

The postman/lady  (...that being me) delivered me a parcel yesterday,it does not happen very often and it was just at the right time,you know one of those yukky down days.

I had joined in a vintage swap and now it was my turn to get spoiled.

 When I saw my  name while I was sorting all the mail I got all excited..but...I waited until I had delivered everyone elses before I sat down and opened mine with Mum as she loves it just as much as me.
 First a lovely card,always,always read your cards first a well learnt lesson when I was little that way you appreciate it even more,thanks Lyndel and loves and hugs for hubby.
 Each a little mystery all bundled together..well for 5 mins lol.
 This is a little pin cushion for my wrist,it will be used often and probably copied for friends lol.
 A book for when we go in our van to keep reminders of our trips,we decided this with a lovely pen will go straight in the van with a message in front of course to remind me where it came from.
 This gorgeous little woollen brooch, I will be wearing this often and the first outing will be to Dungog quilt fair this Sat.Very clever Lyndel and soooo soft,and some lovely fabric.
 A tea towel with wombats lovely.
And a beautiful scarf and bits and pieces for me to play with.

This was a lovely swap and to my fabric swap partner all the way over on Washington,nooo its not here yet but don't worry it will be Paula,my mail got there so fast I was surprised when Paula let me know.

If you have not joined in a swap before I recommend it as for me at least I get a parcel and the joy of putting one together is just so good.
Blessings to everyone and to our English friend I do hope all the craziness ends soon.


  1. That is so nice, Carole - all those great little prezzies and the card is beautiful!

  2. What 'craziness'? Have I missed something?

  3. What pretty things you received. Swaps are fun aren't they!

  4. glad you liked it..I didn't tell you it was on its way to make it more of a surprise.

  5. Great swap gifts, it's been so much fun to do. I'll be doing another one at Christmas. Thankfully everything seems to have quietened down around here, thank you for your thoughts.