Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

                                       Two Posts in One Day

I took these photos yesterday as the garden looks so pretty....however we are not great gardeners and the results are Mother Natures work.....I forgot to go to the vegie patch..perhaps another time.

 This year our daisies are just amazing,I love looking at them open up when the sun comes out...our apricot rose just never stops flowering,we even have to prune it in flower and the perfume wafts through the front door..its name...lol its a rose I know nuthin'.
                                                              Daisies galore.
 I was too late with this pic really,the lady was surrounded by Jonquils but they are finished,the daffodils, iris.pig face, daisies and happy jacks all coming out.
                                                           Yes I know more daisies lol
 Looking up the side of the yard it looks lovely,passers by often calling out that it looks great.(up close lots of weeds lol)
 We call this a Cobra plant,it disappears all summer, as soon as winter comes all the green comes up from the earth and these flowers that look like a Cobra snake appear,it is strange.
 Iris's abound in our garden,it grows near our Lavender which I missed.
 Mums favourite Rose ( you guess it,its a rose got no idea of its name )
 Our pond is full of water Iris and also Arem? lillies both not yet in flower but the fish are multiplying nicely.
 This is the climber that is over a pagola in the back garden, it has black flowers with a yellow centre...the name ...you guessed it ...got no idea.
 This is what we call Orange Rain and it covers the old dunny..looo...toilet whatever...  the shell of the building is left an this grows over it and our hens sit there during the day enjoying the shade and shelter.
 This is our May Bush but she does not know its August.
The Hycynth are almost done but they have been lovely,there are several different bulbs that grow in this bed but at the moment the weeds are winning.

Well thanks for taking a walk in our little garden,I forgot the veggie patch but it is going very well, we have eaten our first potatoes,we have had carrots and the peas are almost ready.


  1. What a stunningly beautiful house you have. I just love all that fancy work on the balcony rails. It reminds me of old houses in the Caribbean Islands. If I lived in Oz, it's just the home I'd want.

  2. Looks just lovely Carole. The days are warming up and it's so lovely to just be outside.

  3. What a beautiful garden. Thank you so much for showing it. I love you pretty house and veranda too. I bet you spend lots of time on it.

    Sft x

  4. what a beautiful place Carole and your garden is gorgeous

  5. oh Carole your garden looks lovely, and yes I have those strange flowers too.. with Cobra Heads.. in fact Im sure our gardens are rather similar, even if they are over 1,000km apart. Think I have more weeds than you, but I do have roses, cobra heads, daisies, arum lilies, more daisies, and some Azaleas and Camelias.
    thanks for sharing your lovely flowers.

  6. Hi Carole, the garden looks beautiful, I think Daisies are the gardeners savior because they never let you down when it come to a show of colour as soon as it warms up a little. Our place is still very dull and drab :o(

  7. Carole - all your lovely flowers - I love things which grow on their own (except the weeds that is - we've got plenty of those)

  8. Wow what a beautiful garden... The daisies are just so pretty.


  9. Thanks for a wonderful read!!! You are incredible you know....you MUST sit down at some stage and relax....you are needed so much and if you don't rest you will drop, this is your other 'mother' talking LOL!! Thanks for lovely photos - glad the event went well....now rest!