Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, August 15, 2011



                                           A Productive and busy Week

A busy weekend here, a day trip by bus to a beautiful town named Dungog.It is where we first lived when we married and the little house on my blog is the first home we lived in.There was a quilt fair and 100 years of Railway celebrated, Bob came and had a great time ,first time ever on a bus trip for him.

 The officials arrived by horse and carriage and a little parade before the opening,Bob forgot to take pics.
 This is one of the new things I had not seen before, it is a net type thingo lol wool for a better word.

And this is what it makes ,a lacy twirly scarf,just had to try it out,this will be for my daughter.

 This is my desk with projects cut out ready to go, I have now been motivated again.
 I made these little fabric baskets for my grand daughters and little buddies for them, I will put hair brushes etc in the big ones and some hair clips in the small ones,I will put these with their Xmas things. I got the lovely fabrics at the Dungog patchwork shop.
 Suffolk puffs galore on the way,I have a project lined up for them,hope I get it done lol.

                                                                SUNDAYS NEWS
I belong to the ladies group at our little church and for years we have been working hard to get money for a new toilet block..yes that's right toilets lol.
We have a darling member who writes wonderful poetry and short stories and her family has a book printed this year,Del gave all the sales money towards the loo fund...over $4,000!
                                                             So you could say we are.......

                                                   FLUSHED WITH SUCCESS!!!!(Del given the honour lol)

This was done at the interval of a little Hymnfest that we had on Sunday afternoon and it was lovely.

This is Cheryl one of the loveliest ladies I know and a voice of an angel...as I looked around our little church there were no young ones there, it is old style Cof E,with a women's guild a dying race,who is going to carry on after all of us are not able to..sad..

I might say I was raised a Church of England but about 10 years ago I went to a pentecostal,charismatic church and the music and praise stirred my soul as never before,I became re baptised and go whenever I am at my children's homes as there is no church here,so I am still faithful to my old fold and work on their ladies guild and help wherever I can as I believe God does not have segregations,just houses for us to show him our love,and by helping others I  believe I am putting a reserved sign on a seat "up there".


  1. Lovely to read of your travels too and to hear all about your church...indeed non attendance of young women at any women's group is worldwide. There won't be a women's group. Every winter session means less and less members...ok...if you want to change to doing 'secular' things they would flock to it but the evening there is a serious speaker it is just the usual 15-20 folk. It is very sad as the women in any church group are usually felt to be family.

  2. All that lovely news and photos! I just cannot wait to see what you will do with those yo-yo's! I have a box full upstairs waiting for inspiration...

  3. Thanks Joyce I know what you are saying.
    Kath I am going to use them to decorate for a change, watch this space lol it could be a real fizzer!

  4. Carole that was a lovely post. Your day out sounded really nice. My old man won't travel on buses either if he can help it :0) That little pink scarf is so pretty. You were saying about about only older women attending church services. I thought about this a while ago - the thing is, the church still goes on even when the women get so old they eventually peg out. Perhaps it's only as we hit middle age we think 'Yipes!' :0)

  5. Thats right Molly, when I go to our childrens church which is modern,the music so upbeat and happy clappy, the sermon is very much about todays world it fills you with joy,in our traditional one the Hymns are slow and usually the sermon is either fire and brimstone or very staid.I think like all things we have to move with the times.Our church here no longer has Sunday School as no one came anymore, at our childrens church ,they call it City Kids and it is absolutely packed.

  6. Hi Carole, That's wonderful about the new toilet at church! I do love my 'happy clappy' church. It is a highlight of my week and lifts my spirit. I do think the churches need to become more family friendly. Our Sunday school is called Powerhouse and is full of kids. Jessie loves going to church and is becoming very fussy with what she wears!!!
    God Bless.

    Melissa xx

  7. I too was raised Church of England and I've married a inactive Jehovah Witness - I recently wen to a Pentecostal service and it was 'nice'

  8. Flushed , what a great result, pity that it is the proceeds from a lady like yours and op shops that keep some of our older congregations going.